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If you are interested in joining "The True Elven Alliance", please read this information.

This alliance's main goal is to assist elven leader reach respectable ranks. Secondary goal is to achieve 1st page staus in the 4th Age and to also help our ally, Lord Galdor's Clan, to reach 1st place in the 4th Age. "The True Elven Alliance" accepts mainly elves, although humans and dwarves are welcome to join, but please, no orcs. Also, "The House of schwissig", is going to reinstate the senate into "The True Elven Alliance" once there are enough active members (for more information about the senate please click the "About TTEA" link) so you may have a chance at being a ruling member of "The True Elven Alliance". Also, "The True Elven Alliance" has a ranking system, the higher the rank you have, the more free click credits you get per week (please note that the click system is not up yet). The ranks are as follows:
1. Generals (limited number pending) (50 Free Credits)
2. Colonel (30 Free Credits)
3. Major (20 Free Credits)
4. Captian (10 Free Credits)
5. Major (5 Free Credits)
6. Lieutenant (0 Free Credits)

"The True Elven Alliance" can also offer you assistance with helping find gold, with the mIRC program, allowing you to use Lord Galdor's account to spy on users to attack for gold.

As you can see "The True Elven Alliance" has alot to offer. I hope you join the command chain.