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About "The True Elven Alliance"

"The True Elven Alliance" was founded on December 2004. It was started by "schwissig", and from its very start it sparked an anti-"anti-orc" movement that lead to many political disputes and horrific legal battles, but these claims were stifled by "schwissig" and his superior intelect.


-December 2004 - "The True Elven Alliance" founded.
-December 2004 - Foreign relations with fellow elves improves, Lord Galdors Clan becomes ally.
-January 2005 - Recruiting hit all time low, will be remembered as "The Great Elven Divide".
-January 2005 - "The True Elven Alliance" began development of there home page.
-Febuary 2005 - "The True Elven Alliance" has made its home at