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Name: Chris Sample
Location: Denison, TX
Position: (To be determined)


Chris has been playing the game of paintball for a little while now and would be a worthy opponent to beat. Chris's weapon of choice is a 2001 WGP Autococker with a few upgrades: a Shocktech SuperFly bolt, 45/4500 nitrogen tank with a Blue Dye tank cover, a Kapp Delrin Ball Detent, and a custom barrel mixing the Freak and the Hammerhead barrel systems. A few upgrades on the way include: a Shocktech FGP Regulator, Shocktech Ram, and Shocktech Bomb 3-Way.  The ‘01 Autococker comes built nice out of the factory, with special Features such as:

Watch out because Chris could nail you with anyone of the nice barrels in his arsenal. His 12 inch Aluminum Barrel, 15 inch polished 2-piece aluminum barrel, and his copper 16 inch big bore barrel are all custom made by WGP and all are deadly accurate. The newest addition to his barrels is the before mentioned "Freaky Hammerhead" barrel system. The barrel combines the back of a Freak and the front of a Hammerhead. The marker is easy to handle with its Dye rubber wrap-around grips. With this extraordinary marker, he could get of a numerous amount of balls before you even know it.