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Turaki Abubakar Movement (TAAM) Welcomes You.

     As the name implies TAAM is a connotation of Turaki Atiku Abubarkar Movement, it was formed to rally round Alhaji Atiku Abubakar executive Vice president of the federal republic of Nigeria, as a sign of commitment and appreciation to his laudable achievements and leadership qualities  in the governance of our beloved nation.

     Now the political terrain is experiencing another important step in the democratic governance of he nation, the 2007 polls, TAAM is not a political party but soughs the interest of a cross section of Nigerian both rich and poor, young and old, professional and non-profession to give our loyal support to ensuring that Alhaji Atiku Abubakar becomes the nest president of the federal republic of Nigeria.
    He has the educational, moral, social and political will power to attain this position but its not possible with out your help, let drop any fr4om of pessimism and embrace our great courageous in the nest political dispensation.
He has won before through your support do it for him again.




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