Written Works




Long ago the elven race

Lived among the woodland grace

Their mystic woods were green and lush

And magic flowed within this place


Now the woods are not but sand

From acts of war brought by man

Their legend lost within the wind

That holds the secrets of this land


Through the wars they had stood tall

But the greed of man made them fall

Then the elves forsook this land

And left the men to grieve it all


Stories never found the ears

To tell what happened through the years

The mystic race could not be found

But its memory lives within out tears



 Is it too late to give up hope

One can only dream for harmony and peace

My serenity exists only in a memory of a dead culture


Can hate beat hate and make death subside

For too long have we attacked those who attacked us

A riddle with no answers


So many questions we have asked

Should we fight to defend our freedoms

The concept, a simple question


But when does the pain stop?




 A white horse wandered through the field

Itís beauty past a golden yield

 Its hooves beat soft against the ground

Being this the only sound

 The white horse glanced up to the moon

And knew it would fade all to soon

 Its mystic rays, the only light

The last remains of the dying night

 As the sun rose it left to hide

until the day would soon subside

 after the day is all but gone

it continues then to wander on

 when the moon shine on the ground

and its hoof beats make the only sound




 Have you ever been skydiving?

Ever taken the plunge?

That is the feeling of love


Free falling, flipping endlessly

World spinning wildly, which way is up?

 Heartbeat rises, you pull your chord

Cords snaps, broke your heart


Sadly you fall with your broken heart

Too bad love doesnít come with a warrantee




Taker of lives lost

King of death, thinks heís mighty

But I wont give in




All along the shore, water reflects the evening moon

Only all to soon

 Itís half past six, the dayís already long gone

All too soon the sun subsides, reaching beyond my pleading hold

Then becomes an icy cold

Lonely stare, it glances at my soul

For too much time is wasted in the night

My years pass by before me in flight

Only all too soon




 The reaperís on your back

His icy hands are as black as coal

All bets called,  time to show your cards

To late to change, time to pay the toll

 Who will decide the fates?

Will you ever gaze on those pearly gates?

Who can save your soul?

Not I my friend, time to pay the toll