Lorali "Shadow" Greenbottle  -  3rd Edition

Race: Halfling    

Class: Rouge - Level: 2                                   ALG: Chaotic Neutral

Weight: 34                      Height: 3'0''           Age: 18                 SEX: female

STR: 10(+0)

DEX: 16(+3)

CON: 10(+0)

INT: 14(+2)

WIS: 10(+0)

CHR: 16(+3)


XP: 1000

HP: 10                                AC: 14                        INIT: 3


Weapons:    Dagger +2 (2 daggers -6, -2) 1d4

                   Crossbow, light +5, 1d8 (19-20 crit)

Armor:        None

SKILLS:  bluff:8, diplomacy:8, disable device:7, gather information:8, hide:12, move silently:10, open lock:8, pick pocket:10, search:7, tumble:8

FEATS: skill focus: pick pocket


SAVES: Ref:7, Fort:1, Will:1

Speed 20ft / Run X4


            Lorali Greenbottle was born to a halfling whore on the streets of Brostell.  She was a horrible mother to her child.  She barely fed Lorali; all of the money went to wine.  She spent most of her early childhood living on the streets, or with the people her mother was sleeping with.  At the age of 10, Lorali left home to live on her own.  She spent her days begging for scraps and watching the people in the market.  One day she notices a small hooded figure bump into a man at the fruit stand.  The hooded figure had cut the manís belt pouch!  Lorali watched for cloaked figure, observing his every move, as he lifted the coins of a few other people.

           Lorali figured she could do this if she tried hard enough.  The first few times she was kept getting caught.  But the people only made her work for a while, then set her to the streets again.  But Lorali soon got better.  After a few years of practice, she was getting pretty good.  Lorali was well fed and happy on the earnings of others.

             At the age of 16 she joined the thieves guild.  They took her in and taught her their ways.  Lorali was taught about traps, and how to pick locks.  She ran through a series of tests; pressure panels on the floor, opening doors; the basic thiefís obstacle course.  She was charged 25 percent of her pickinís, but that was better than them turning her in.  After a year, Lorali decided to set out on an adventure.  She lefts with 4 others: a fighter, a neophyte, an archer, and another thief.

             About a year into their adventuring, they had decided that Loraliís share of the earnings would be better spent on their behalf.  They beat her to a bloody mess and left her stranded on the road.  All of her possessions were taken, with the exception of the cloths on her back.  She wandered with soar muscles and a craving for revenge, to the nearest town. . .