A long forgotten past....


            In the beginning, Mathis was son to Sylverkrystal of the Moondragon clan.  His father was Grandin, a traveling warrior from a distant realm.  Mathis was the first of the half breeds in the clan.  His father left, soonafter, to go fight in the war of men.  The Moondragons raised him in the teachings of thier clan.  He learned to call on his dragon blood, giving him hybrid features. 

            Sylverkrystal passed away when Mathis was 17.  Soon after that, he suffered the mysterious dissapearence of his sister Alythia.  He was grief stricken from his loss.  To compound the issue, the Moondragon clan was called to War.  He fought along side them in battle, defeating many foes.  At the end of the day, they had won.  Unfortunately the clan leader, lord Malaki had been slain.  Mathis was directly in line for the throne, as Sylverkrystal was Malaki's sister.

            Mathis fled from his responsibilities, feeling that he could never be the leader of the clan.  Kali took his place, leading them foolishly into battle.  His lust for power nearly led to the entire destruction of the clan.  Only a few now roam the earth, hidden from society. 

            Mathis found his way to the Tanglewood forest.  Here he found a woman named Misti.  He fell in love with her, and he intended to make her his wife.  But once again disaster struck.  Dralthwraist and Sethliss came, destroying the realm.  Mathis attempted to stop them, but they turned his soul to evil.  He was forced to do thier bidding, until he met with one of his clan.  In a battle with Kyren, his mind was freed from the hold of the liches.  Misti fell victim to them both, while Mathis had been under thier influence, and was believed to be dead.  After the loss 0f his love Misti, he went after them again.  This time, they took his life.

            Mathis was captured within his amulet, which was thrown into the ocean.  After two years it found it's way to the shores of Auvrynon.  He was reborn, only to mourn the grief of his loss.  For another two years he lived in hermitage, closing himself off.  He refused to suffer the loss of anyone else.

            Recently, he met Aerynn, who was warrior.  She convinced him that he should reclaim his sword and do what he did best.  So Mathis once again became a protecter of the realm, watching over the citizens of Auvrynon.  He befriended Aerynn and Dorrin, who have recently left. 

            Mathis looks to the future, hoping to make the realm safe once more.  Then maybe he can settle down for good, and have a family.