Mathis Moondragon  -  3rd Edition

Race: Human - Half Dragon (polymorph)

Class: Fighter - Level: 2 (CR 4)                                        ALG: Chaotic good

Weight: 185 - 235*              Height:  5'9'' - 6'5''           Age: 20                 SEX: Male

STR: 18(+4) - 24(+7)*

DEX: 12(+1)

CON: 12(+1) - 14(+2)*

INT: 10(0)

WIS: 10(0)

CHR: 10(0) - 12(+1)            * = Polymorphed score


XP: 7000

HP: 25                                AC: 16(18shield) - 20(22shield)*                        INIT: 5


Weapons:  Bastard Sword - +8 - +10* - 1d10 +6(+4shield) - 1d10 + 9(+7shield)

Armor: Breastplate - +5,  Shield (steel) +2

SKILLS:  search:2.5, sense motive:2.5, spot:2.5

FEATS: Exotic WP: Bastard sword, Focus: Bastard Sword, Improved Initiative


SAVES: Ref:1, Fort:3, Will:0





       Mathis was born the only son to SilverKrystal, the last of the Moondragon clan.  She entered the town as a human entity.  She knew she had to bear a son, so that one day, The Moondragon clan could flourish as it did before.  With careful consideration, she chose the right father.

        After Mathis was born, SilverKrystal ran away to the mountains.  She left Mathis with a pendant, inscribed with a mystic writing few could identify.  She hoped that one day, when Mathis was ready, he would return to her.  But that day would never come. . .

        She was slain on the Dondarian Mountains.  Taken as a prize, Pieced and sold on the black market.  Mathis’s father eventually caught wind of the Moondragon’s fall, and sought revenge, but he was cut down as well.

        Mathis, an orphan at the age of 12, left his hometown, and learned to survive on his own.  During his travels across the continent Mathis was discovered by an adventurer.  His name was Lord Vandimark.  Vandimark taught him the ways of the sword, in exchange for the boy’s services.

        For five years Mathis was with Vandimark, until a dark day fell upon the two.  A band of brigands caught them off guard.  His lord was slain, and Mathis was taken prisoner.  The ruffians sold him as a slave to the highest bidder in a slum town named Dorango.  He was eventually sold to a band of murderers and rapists making their way across country.

        A year later, two warriors of justice rescued Mathis.  Their names are Valar and Brad.  Mathis, grateful at his release, decided to join the two on their quest to serve justice throughout the land.  A strong friendship and loyalty was bound to them, one that could only be broken by death. 

        One fateful night, they were ambushed.  Mathis was knocked unconscious.  When he came to, his friends were hurt, and they were surrounded.  Knowing he had to do something, Mathis grabbed his sword.  He rose to his feet, and stood in front of Valar.  “If you want him, you’ll have to go through me.”

        One of the men chuckled, and shot a crossbow bolt into Valar’s chest.  Mathis was overtaken by rage and bloodlust.  His eyes burned yellow, his skin formed hard scales, and wings sprouted through his leather vest.  He killed them all, slaughtered them beyond recognition.  After that he piled the bodies and burned the

        After that evening Valar left.  Mathis now wanders the earth with a new drive; to protect those who can't protect themselves.

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