Mathis Moondragon. . . . The looks.


Height: 6 feet, 4 inches  (7 feet in half dragon form)

Weight: 175 pounds  (250 pounds in half dragon form)

Age:  appears to be around mid 20's

Hair: Brown, hanging loose just past his shoulders.

Eyes:  Green.  (A glowing yellow in dragon form)




Description:  He wears a cloak, but beneath it a large sheathed hunting knife is fixed on his belt, as well as a mid sized carrying pouch.   He is donned in a durable travelers outfit that is mostly green with brown trim.  His hair is brown and a tad longer than shoulder length. Facial features show the memories of many battles and hardships.  He has a beard that covers most of his face, but not too bushy. (kind of Aragorn style).  An amulet of a dragons claw holding a crystal hangs from his neck.  It glows when in the moonlight.  He wears the sword of the Moondragon clan sheathed upon his back.