Skills and abilities



Dragon form:  Mathis can gain dragon features at will.  These features include skin change to green scales,  dragon claws, wings, and basic body features resembling dragon parts.  On a roll of 17 or better, Mathis has the ability to become a full dragon.  The duration of this is about an hour at most.  This leaves him extremely drain and he must rest for days, perhaps even a week or so before he can engage in combat. 


Amulet:  The amulet is what fuels his dragon ability.  The amulet gains power from the moonlight.  It is indestructible by physical means.  When severely wounded and drained, Mathis can transform his body into moonlight, which is collected into the amulet.  When the amulet gains enough power, Mathis can be reborn.  This usually takes a few day, depending on how drained or wounded Mathis was.


Fire control:  Mathis can control fire through magical means.  He can even change the temperature o objects to create fire.  This takes a roll of 11 or better.