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Eilo!Welcome to my very own home to cyber world. Feel free to view my site and and ake closer look about me!
This is my first time to create a website,any suggestions that could help to improve and enhnce it coming from you will be is wholeheartedly appreciated.
Enjoy your visit!!


I'm Krisna Shayne Baquiring. "Shane" is my nickname.I'm 15 years old currently residing at 361 Soriano st., Pagsanjan, Laguna with my relatives. I'm studying at Pagsanjan Academy and right now i'm in the 4th year of high school. I'm the youngest child in the family.
I'm a friendly person, easy to get along with. I love learning new things and also studying. I like chatting with my friends and relatives specially during weekends because it's only my spare time. I go to church every sunday together with my friends and sometimes with my family.