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Reading Festival 2004: Saturday 28th, August

I got up mad early today so that I could get to the front of the main stage, and it paid off. Check out this view. I was at the barrier front of the entrance to the Reading Festival, but it was still going to be a sprint to get to the front of the stage barrier.

It all worked out and I was at the barrier dead center of the main stage for the 5,6,7,8's! Awesome Japanese band, totally rocked the crowd. Hightlight: "Woo Hooooo Woo Hoo Hoooo"

And then on came a band from Texas called Young Heart Attack. They were good for about a minute, and then it started to bother me. I couldn't tell any of the songs apart. They used the same formula for each. Snore...
Highlight: "this is our last song..."

Here's proof of my location at the front. This was the view to my right. Tickety-tock-tight-yo!

Here are the people behind me at the time, including Saddam Hussain with a rod up his ass.... and a scary-eyed girl in the bottom right...

Thursday. Fucking awesome band! I didn't really know what to expect, but they were pretty damn engaging.

They obviously had a devoted following of fans too which made the atmosphere pretty pumped.

During the last song, the singer left the stage and stood up on an amp in front of it...

... and then ran to the crowd right where I was, so that was pretty bitchin'! That was also the highlight.

Allister! I had been itching to see this band live for a while and was blown away by how well they played. They played so many great songs including a brand new one which was impressive.

The punk crowd moshed to their lil hearts content much to the delight of the band...

Highlight: "Overrated" and "Camouflage"

I couldn't believe the anticipation for Flogging Molly! This crowd was alll theirs today...

Flogging Molly were as amazing as I recalled before. So much energy and such great sing-along tunes. Stunning stuff.

Ya gotta have an accordian of course... haha. And the bassist was totally awesome.

The man behind the music, representing ireland well. Hightlight: "What's Left of the Flag"

After them, it was time to bring in some metal to the masses. Avenged Sevenfold!!!! I kinda liked a couple of their songs before seeing them, but I was converted totally after this show.

They rocked the fuckin house like no other. I was totally stunned by the quality and the energy. Scream your lungs out, Reading Festival! Highlight: um.... all of it.

Coheed and Cambria! I was sooo looking forward to this band and my goodness did they deliver!!

The fro on the singer dude was just insane. What a dude! Highlight: "A Favor House Atlantic"

The Bouncing Souls! They were the first band I ever saw live as they supported Green Day in 2000, and they rocked then so I was anxious to see them play again. They rocked once more.

The awesome bassist. As a guy next to me said, "I wouldn't wanna pick a fight with that guy..."

They played many many great songs like 'hopeless romantic' and 'gone', but I think the highlight had to have been "The Something Special".

And then Dillinger Escape Plan had to come on and fuck up the string of good bands we were having. They sucked major ass. The only good thing about them was that the drummer was incredible. That's it.

Once they finally left the stage, a guy in a batman costume managed to evade security and climb up the central scaffolding to the huge cheers of the crowd. He freed a Finding Nemo balloon that got stuck up there and then climbed back down. What a winner!

Goldfinger! Definitely one the bands of the festival this year. They totally blew us away! They were victorious.

This guy is such a dude.

They were crazy-go-nuts! Highlight: "Superman"

Then headed over to the Radio 1 Stage for Funeral For A Friend's headline slot. The welsh boyos played a phenominal set. Any song you wanted them to play, they played.

Some very epic moments tonight. Next time, they're bound to be on the main stage.

Time to get the lighters out for the acoustic "Your Revolution is a Joke"

Stunning performance. I dunno how they did it, but absolutely everyone seemed to leave the tent totally satisfied.