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Conservative National Communism FAQ
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What do you mean, National Communism?
National Communism is not true Socialism, Fascism, or Capitalism; however, National Communism recieves its ideas from them.
Are you guys Conservative or Progressive?
We are firmly against Progressivism. We are strongly Conservative; therefore, reform in a National Communist society is nonexistent. All reform for our government is to be altered online before running for election or revolution. We welcome all advice from the public and will alter if neccesary. After National Communism comes to power we will bar all reform and allow only the supreme commander to modify any of our Party's beliefs.
So how does Nat'l Communism differ from traditional Communism?
For one, traditional Communism abolishes all private property. We do not support this and promote private residence and belonging, but also reserve the right to set foot on private property without warrant. Then, traditional Communism distributes ALL capital to the population evenly. This is very hard to enforce, and can ultimately lead to the government's collapse. We promote this, but only to a certain extent. A section (1/6) of everyone's income is to be centralized and redistributed evenly amongst the workers. Another section (1-2/6) income is a government tax. The rest is personal gain. The highlight about this is that the collective fund moves the lower working class to middle class. Also, traditional Communism solitarizes everything from religion to nationality. We believe that it is the people's right to choose their own specifications. THere are much more differences but one cannot list them all.
What rights do the police/military get?
That queston is too general. If you are asking what the police can do that the police today cannot do then I'll answer that. The police in a National Communist society recieve many rights, opposed to the police today. Our police will not be suspended for cussing, police brutality is authorized, and penalties are higher. The police do not need a warrant to "intrude" on private property if the situation is critical, such as if Osama bin Laden was in a house. If the police had probable cause they can move in on the home. You may say this is going to get out of control and the police can beat anyone up they want. This is not true. The police will act in a rational manner. Guarantees? None. Police are on the street to combat and prevent crime, as well as assisting the common people. They will be equipped with military gear as well as military weapons. This all will severely cut crime rates.
So how does business and the economy work?
The government has ultimate control of all business. This will keep businesses from competition, which overall ruins people's lives while others gain from it. The common people can become businessmen, but they have to go through the government first. All business conductors are to obide by government requierements. The economy does not have a stock market. They businesses get money from taxes, which they pay the workers with, which circulates in that fashion. Businesses will never go out of business, or be destroyed by a larger one.
So is this new political system include forced labor?
No, not at all. It is up to the people to work or not, but if national laziness occurs, then collective industries will be imposed and the unemployed will be put into forced labor. They will be paid, but nowhere near what others will make. We don't even need to enforce labor. The people can easily get jobs and earn big bucks. If they choose to be lazy, they know that not only will they not recieve the collective fund, but collective labor centers will summon them if laziness is too great.
More questions? Submit them here and I will see to it that they get answered as quickly as possible.