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About the Founder
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Welcome to my site! Although my main focus is on this new political party of mine, I still am a pretty normal guy. I am not one of those red necks or one of those computer nerds that want to take over the world. I started learning about Government in depth in High School at Sophmore year. I started thinking Communism was all that, but then I realized that Fascist and Communist ideals combined formed one nice government. I am not one who follows a certain group's ideals...I always want to make up my own ideals based off other groups. Due to this unique feature I have, I formed the Conservative National Communist Party. My points that are in Beta stages need revision, seriously. I need YOUR help. Anyways, I am into many different thigs other than politics. I am very much into excersize, music, music production, police work, sports, women :-?, ummm, i don't know. Ask me if you want to know more. Just email me or IM me. Please become a member! It doesn't mean you are an actualy National Communist, it just means you have visited my site and are interested. All info is confidential, and I swear I won't give your email or any other info about you to those SPAM idiots.