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Mohandas ĎMahatmasí Gandhi

Mohandas ĎMahatmasí Gandhi was a very bright man that stood up for his beliefs, even if that meant that one day they could kill him. Gandhi believed that a nonviolent approach to anything was stronger than any weapon. To this cause he dedicated his life, and later lost it trying to stop the religious hate and the violence between Muslim Pakistan, and Hindu India.

Gandhi is my hero because he spoke out to everybody about what he believed in. He stood up against the government to create a nonviolent community and create a better place for people to live in. He stood up as one person against the whole nation to tell them about his beliefs and to tell them that violence wasnít solving their problem. He wasnít afraid of being told he was wrong, or that he could be hurt in the process of what he was doing. He was confident about what he was doing, and he was confident that it would work, so he addressed the nation and spoke for a cause.

Gandhi is my hero because he sacrificed. Not only did he leave his home and gave up some of his most worldly possessions to do what he thought was right and fair, but he later lost his own life. He gave up his possessions to bring the well-being and comfort to those that had none. He was later happy to find that India did gain the independence that he had fought so hard to retrieve. But it wasnít only possessions that he sacrificed, but he also gave up his career. He had successfully graduated from University College in London to become a lawyer. But he gave up that degree to ensure the well-being of others that he didnít even know.

Gandhi is my here because he cared. He cared for the well-being of people he had never met before. He sacrificed many things and many of his possessions for people that he didnít know, because he cared. Today not many people are willing to give up a career as a lawyer and their home and possessions just to help people that they donít know. But Gandhi was willing and ready to do what he needed to do to ensure safety and better living conditions for the people of India. During many of his protests and demonstrations, he would become jailed. When he was assassinated, he was holding an evening prayer in a garden for others to come participate in.

So there you have it. Gandhi is my hero because he stood up for his beliefs, he sacrificed, and he cared for people that he didnít even know. He was ready and willing to help, despite the efforts to stop him.