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Jester J- Profile

A Psycho from LakeShore!

Who Is Jester J!

Jester J is the craziest, most psychotic, ignorant rapper alive today. Singing about stuff that makes no sense to the public eye. He has formed a group called Psycho Mafia, and vows that they will take over the world. Jester J, B Dawg, J 2 P, Dr. Bonez, and G, make up the psychotic group as Jester is in the process of working on his very first real album. The name of the album is ??WhY??. It will feature songs, such as Dirty White Trash, Realization, and Wanna Be's. The label that Jester started will be making more than just a couple of cd's. They will be making lotz and lotz of Cd's, CD Rom Videos and Magazines to introduce you too the group Psycho Mafia. Every member will have there own album which Jester will produce. Jester's albums will be the lead albums and he will have atleast 6 if not more, and of course they will have some Albums that are Psycho Mafia, which have all of the group involved in it. Jester grew up with the Executive Producer Dr. Bonez and together they formed the name BoneZ RecordZ. they are hoping to make it the biggest Underground record lable ever, in East Tennessee. Jesters fucked up and mislead lyrics will be found on the album ??WhY??. ??Why?? will be coming out in December 2003.