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~*Yuna's Destiny*~ Platinum 1.0

*Yuna's Destiny* Version. 1.0 Platinum

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Welcome to Yuna’s Destiny Platinum 1.0. This site is currently in Construction, features from the previous Yuna’s Destiny is still here.


Council Messages


Leon Squall –Welcome everyone. Okay, I have updated this site to a Platinum Version. It is WAY better cause we are no longer associated with Neopets. Nothing here will be talked or told about that website. Okay, this website is mainly themed Final Fantasy VII and Advent Children, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2. Each one has its own really neat webpage. The only bad part is that… well its still In construction. I started this New webpage on October, 28\ 2004. So I am really working really hard. Okay there will be soon some Message Boards… I HOPE. I really want posts of message boards or maybe even my own forums. Its hard to do this all with a crap connection. Yes, my Telus Internet service is no longer working so I am stuck with Hopeless dial-up.


~*Yuna's Destiny*~© All Rights reserved.


Posts, or E-mail


This is for anyone who wanted to be inserted into the website. My e-mail address is I will check mail on the following times and rules:

Mondays to Friday- 4:00-5:00PM Pacific Time

Saturday and Sunday- No e-mail check, maybe if resulted to nothing to do

Anything rude or comments that are really cruel like you layout sucks don’t say it or e-mail it. Okay, just think if I can improve tell me where and what to do better in a nice meaning.

All your Posts will be posted under here:

Oct. 30/ 2004: Eric Daniels-

Oh man, this is great I love your site and the layout is gorgeous. Okay, I was wondering if you could possibly give any trailers, music, cheats about any of the games? Thanks so much

From: Eric. D

Sure, the only way I can submit Trailers and Music or any running media like GIF images is to reduce there size causing it to be pretty bad quality

My Trailers will be:

100-980 KB


160 KB – 320 KB

They are all WMA ( Windows Media Audio) and WMV (Windows Media Video). If for some reason can’t view any of the files go to Windows Media Player webpage and download the new 9.0 or any lower. They should all do well.




Odin Magazine Corporation


Yes, I did invent a online magazine collection of all regarding Final Fantasy information with Color Images and Detailed information. This is great for Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. Now to download these you must post with the reply:

Hello, I am (Your Name doesn’t have to be real) and I would like your issue of Odin Magazine. I would like issue (Number of issue, for now 1-5). Thank You


I will either send it or post it on a website on this server to you, although it isn’t easy to find for others. I will give you the address and you can download it. They are usually 1-16MB.


~*Yuna's Destiny*~ Powerpoint Presentation

We now have a ~*Yuna's Destiny*~ Presentation to tell you about our Website and our new improved website instead of reading boring material. With the presentation there is going to be a fun little thing to watch. *BUT* There is some system requirements well only one its just that its a little bit complicated but if you want a fast fun easy presentation you may need:

System Requirements:

*Microsoft Powerpoint

System Applications (Make it faster and better)

*20GB+ Hard Drive

*256MB Memmory

*DSL or ADSL or higher Intenet Connection(for faster download)

Apparently we have quite a bit of problems with the powerpoints, many people e-mailed us and told us that the pictures are not appearing we will fix this as soon as we can. Thank You.