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Welcome to the Everlasting Alliance! We are a small, but growing Alliance for Kings Of Chaos, and are a wonderful alliance. But why join an alliance with JUST 50 members? Well, we have much to be offered. We have a clickmaster to help you grow, we have protection from the other members in the Alliance, we have the "Everlasting Core" which is the Everlasting Command Chain, but most of all, we offer help. We have many members that are bound to be highly ranked in Age 3, just like they were in Age 2, and even some of the smaller members can give you the best protection around.

Not sure how to join the Everlasting Alliance? Click "How to Join" and that will give you full directions on how to join the Everlasting Alliance.

Not sure if another alliance that you are in is Allied with the Everlasting Alliance? Look at our "Allies and Enemies" list and see!

Who is in the Everlasting Core? Click "Everlasting Core Members" and see!

"One ring to rule them all,
One ring to find them.
One ring to rule them all,
And in the Darkness bind them.
In the land of Mordor, where the shadows lie."