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Dragon Ball Quests

Here is stuff about the Dragonballs, aka DB's. First off, each dragonball has a guardian you must beat to obtain the ball. The guard will have stats determined to rival your own as well as random attacks and race. You can only get a DB quest if you have a Scouter or a DB Radar. You can get someone elses DB if you fight them in a death match and win, if they have multiple balls you may take them all. Each DB set has different requirments and powers. E-mail me if you want to do one of these quests, others coming soon, at with your partner's names if any and then e-mail me again once you have gathered all the balls and are ready to make your wish. Remember all rewards of the wish(es) will be split between each member, if someone dies or quits the mission they receive no benefits. Write your wish CLEARLY because i reserve the right to reject a poorly written wish. YOU'VE GOT ONE SHOT AT IT SO MAKE IT COUNT! P.S. You can make your own wish if it's not listed here and if I say its alright the dragon will grant you it. However if I do not okay it then you will not get it and wish for something else. There is a difference between poor grammer and stating a wish that cannot be granted.

Earthling Dragon Balls-Shenron (5 Days to find a DB, 30 Days till they can be used again.)

Namekian Dragon Balls-Porunga (6 Days to find a DB, 45 Days till they can be used again.)

Blackstar Dragon Balls-Shenlong (8 Days to find a DB, have to complete Planet Restoration Quest to use DB's again.)