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This is where I put down couples that are together in the game. If you want to be in any of these catagories you must tell a me. There are the singles, dating, engaged/married, break-ups/divorce, and children (note you cannot go here, this is where your kids go). When you're getting Married, you HAVE to buy your bride to be the item 'Engagment Ring'. If you're breaking up or getting a divorce you have to give me the reason why and it has to be good! Once divorced/broken up you will have to wait 1 month and will then be put back into the Singles area. If I catch anyone cheating on their beloved I will automatically send you to Hell! To get married you must be dating for at least 2 weeks. Engagements last as long as nessecary, then the marriage. However engagments must last at least 2 days. To get married your Power level must be 100,000+. To have a family is like real life. The child will be a NPC however but you must e-mail the childcare supervisor every so often to show you actually care about the little brat. You BOTH must email me about having a child! You have a 60%-70% chance of getting pregnant. The baby's sex is also random. A pregnant mother cannot fight and will have her baby in a month. No cross breeding is allowed. Singles cant have families, only married couples can have children. Now for the benefits, not only do you get 5000z to help you with the kid (each of you get 5000z) but you both get a new attack. The father gets an attack called Father-Son/Daughter Wave (once per fight), where the child aids whatever energy attack you are using and grants the attack an extra ROLL! Say you are using the Kame Hame Ha Wave and use the bonus. Instead of 1d20 it becomes 2d20! The mother gets an attack called Maternal Bond, which has the same effect, and then adds an extra 5 damage. As the child grows and ages the Bond becomes stronger and gradually it becomes +10, then +15, etc. Example: Kame Hame Ha Wave + Maternal Bond lvl 1, 2d20+5.

Marital Status