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DEDend's DSS Testing Database



Program your HU card


Double click on the Extreme HU icon and you will be brought to this main welcome screen. In the bottom left corner written in green you should see Com1:Ready and Device:Detected. If you can see this you are ready to proceed.


The first step is to click on the card menu and then choose Clean Card. (after you boot it of course)


It will ask you if you want to continue with this operation, Click Yes.


You will see it begin to attempt cleaning the card. This should take no more than 30 attempts. If it does your card may be locked or if you see an ATR of 00 or FF your card is looped and you will need to unloop it.


Once you see the message below "Cleaning Operation Complete." Your card is cleaned and it is ready to be programmed.


The next step is to open the file we are going to write to the card. This will be the file that you downloaded from the software download page. Click on File then Open.


It will then ask you to look for the file you would like to write to the card. If it is not in the first folder you see, you will need to click on the drop down box beside where it says "Look In" and you will need to find the .bin file you downloaded from the website. If it is not in the Bin folder it will most likely be located on your desktop or in your "My Documents" folder. When you find the file double click on it to proceed.


Now that the file is open click on the Card menu, Choose Write and then Current EEprom.


It will ask you if you would like to proceed and write to the card. Click Yes and you will begin writing to the card.


The write operation looks much the same as the clean operation. Once you get the message "EEPROM Write Complete", You may remove the card. Now place the card in your receiver. You may need to reboot your receiver by unplugging it and plugging it back in.


Patch a good BIN to your 3M >>>



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