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Date :: 12 / 22 / 03 :: 10:04 AM
Mood :: 7/10
Subject :: More testing + coding!

Just making sure that everything is working how its supposed to. Im still configuring everything and adding new pages. Im hoping to launch Dead Inside V.1.0 by X-mas.

Date :: 12 / 21 / 03 :: 6:58 PM
Mood :: 8/10
Subject :: Site Testing + Dead Inside Opening?

Today marks the dawn of a new beginning! I've decided that since all my friends like my art so much, I thought I should show it off to the public and create a web profile. Just let me make something clear first, that pic above isn't my best, its just a 3 minute sketch. I was too excited to think about things, haha, so I just slapped something together. Anyway, I have lots of plans for two comics, one of them is a serious comic that I want to work on. The second is sort of a humerous thing with Chibi-like characters. Im ranting too much, and I have a lot more coding to do, so I'm gonna say goodnight, and I'll see you when the site is up for good!