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WHOOT~! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *balloons drop from the sky and streamers fly everywhere* YAY! I really hope that this new year is better than '03! Well anyways...sorry for taking so long to's been a major pain in the booty! Well I just looked at my site counter and in one week it jumped from "283" to "369"!!! *feels so special!* I guess it's because of all of the good advertising on Gamming Force Forums! XD *does lil dance* OK! now on to the new stuffs! I'm fixing up the galleries because I now have other stuff to put up other than stuff from Echo~* you should see a gallery for collaborations, gifts, fanart, and also one I'm making especially for my brother. He's off fighting in the Middle East right now so please keep him in your prayers! >.< Well thanks for visiting and hope you like what you see!

NOTE: ALL GALLERIES UNDER CONSTRUCTION! (when they're all fixed and orderly I'll let ya know...but some of them still work!)



Hello! Yes I have re-vamped my site! Baby blue just isnt my thing when it comes to some of my art...SO! Here is the new Shiza for my site. For those of you who remember my Freewebs site will remember the green colors I used in my template. I tried to incorporate it into this site too and so far I like it! Hope you do too! Well take a look around and hopefully most of the site (if not all) will be redone! 'Loha!