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The camera fades up to the interior of an old funeral parlor. Lining the walls of the room are many different casket, made from many different types of wood ranging from finished pine to solid oak. As the camera pans around the room, we come upon the caretaker of the facility, a younger man wearing a pair of faded jeans and a button up work shirt, look nervously at his watch as if he's waiting for someone to show up. After about five minutes, the man walks over to a chair and sits down, taping his foot every once in a while.





After about another half an hour, in walks BWF superstar Ghost. Ghost isn't wearing his usual attire, the long leather trench coat and cowboy hat, but a nicely pressed suit with his hair pulled back. Ghost walks over to the man whom we've been watching for the past thirty-five minutes. The man looks up at him and is shocked by who he sees.

Young Man: Your the man who called earlier, are you not?

Ghost: Yes, I am. I'm looking to purchase a casket for a dearly departed friend, whom has taught me a lot over these past years.

Young Man: Well, what kind of casket were you looking for? We have a wide selection as you can see. We have mostly everything from pressboard on that side of the room to the finely crafted oak casket on the other side.

Ghost: I'll need one specially made, as my friend was not you average sized man, let me give you his dimensions so that you will be able to give me an estimate on the price. *Ghost reaches into his pocket and pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to the man* Although, price doesn't matter, as I'm going to spare no expense on him.

The young man looks over the paper and thinks for a minute. He then gets up and walks over to counter and reaches behind and pulls out a book of material lists and a calculator. After about 5 minutes of figuring out prices, he writes down the final price on a piece of paper and walks back over to where Ghost is standing and hands him the piece of paper. Ghost looks at the paper and nods.

Ghost: This much, seems reasonable, how fast can you get it finished?

Young Man: As fast as you need it.

Ghost: Okay. Have it finished by Monday and there may be something extra in it for you.

Young Man: Alright.

Ghost then turns from the man and walks back out the door as the camera fades to black.








The camera fades back up to the inside of the Kemper Arena. The arena is full of people even though there is only a house taking place between some of the lower card members of the BWF roster and local jobbers. As the camera watches the action in the ring unfold, the lights in the arena all turn off. After about 5 seconds, An ominous bell tolls as "Graveyard Symphony" hits the BlazenTron. The crowd gets on their feet and cheer as the lights turn a deep shade of blue and Ghost, wearing a trench coat and a black brimmed cowboy hat, walks onto the ramp, staring unflinchingly at the ring. After walking down the ramp, Ghost slowly climbs the ring steps and steps into the ring, then removes his trench coat and hat. He lifts his hands into the air, eyes rolled back in his head and the lights return to normal as the music fades. Ghost walks across the ring and motions for the ring announcer to hand him a microphone. Ghost takes the microphone as he's handed it by the ring announcer.

Ghost: Most of you are wondering what I'm doing out here. I was walking around backstage looking for Don McMichael, who was supposed to meet me in the parking lot, but failed to show up, so I figure, I'd wait for him her in the ring, seeing as he doesn't have anywhere else to be.

Ghost the exits the ring and grabs a chair from ringside and slide back into the ring. Ghost then sets up the chair and sit down in it waiting patiently for Don McMichael to show up. After 5 minutes, Don comes scurrying down to the ring and walks up the ring steps and climbs between the ropes into the ring.

Don: Sorry for not meeting you in the parking lot, I got held up in traffic.

Ghost glares at Don McMichael before standing up and towering over him.

Ghost: You got lost in traffic. You don't even drive, you take a cab or the bus or run everywhere, it wasn't a good idea to make me wait. Now, let's get this interview under way before I hurt someone.

Don: Okay, my first question is who is this friend that we all heard about in a promo you shot earlier this week?

Ghost: He was a close friend of my family, who's identity, I'd like to keep secret, if you don't mind. Your one of those nosy little bastards aren't you.

Don: Um, well...

Ghost: Let me ask you a question. What have been doing to occupy your time now that the Deamon Knights have fallen of the radar screen?

Don: Well, I've been playing solitaire waiting for them to, wait why should I tell you what I've been up to?

Ghost: Continue with the interview and don't make anymore mistakes.

Don: My second question is, what are you thoughts on David Blazenwing deciding to go back to one show after FX decided to stop airing the show you were on, Mayhem, and combing the roster in to one?

Ghost: The show was going fine when I was in charge of it, give it to that Irishman Tim Murphy and it falls apart after a few weeks of him running it, figures that man couldn't stay around in the BWF as long as he did when he was an active competitor. I figure what ever David wants to do with his company, is fine by me, just as long as I don't get screwed over in any way.

Don: What are you comments on the Vertigo match-ups?

Ghost: Well, let me start with the first match-up, for the World Tag Team Championship. I'm thinking that New York's Finest should be able to pull out a win if they try hard enough. It only took me about 5 seconds to beat Bishop, the champions just got lucky that's all.

Don: What makes you say that?

Ghost: They beat Chaos and Carnage on a fluke, something that wouldn't have happened had the Deamon Knights been on a good day, they probably lost because you stalked them the entire night before Tainted Twilight.

Don: That's not true, I only followed them around until 2 am.

Ghost: Well, on to the second match up, Sycho Mike challenging Johnny Evildude for the U.S. Championship. My thoughts are that Johnny won't lose the title to Mike and try to kept the belt for as long as he can.

Don: The next match is going to be one of my favorites to watch.

Ghost: I bet it is. I believe that Kirlia Gardevoir is going to beat Si Howe for the cruiserweight championship.

Don: What are your thoughts on Dorian Black vs. Austin Pyromania?

Ghost: I was getting to that, if you'd stop interrupting me. A good old knock down drag out grudge match is going to take place between these two, who ever wins isn't really going to be a winner the next day when all the pain catches up to them. I don't really have an opinion on who I think is going to win this match.

Don: Deep thoughts from the deadman.

Ghost: I thought I told you to stop interrupting me. The Canadian Hero gets to have every man fantasy come true as he takes on two women in the ring, He best keep his eyes on the gold if he wants to retain his title as his competition are two of the best female fighters in the BWF, if not the two best and are also close to the top of the ladder.

Ghost walks around the ring for a bit before sitting down on the chair and continuing,

Ghost: No thoughts on the other tag team championship match. The street fight is something that will either end the feud between Josh McKlick and Jamal Mystic or make it stronger. Again, this will be a match where there isn't really going to be a winner.

Don: Your match is the next one scheduled on the card.

Ghost: I know that but, I'll get to that in a second, let me take a minute to talk about the other main event. An Elimination chamber for the BWF Championship.6 men trapped inside 30 tons of solid steel, only once has there been one before in the BWF. As I recall, I won that match and became the World Heavyweight Champion and Intercontinental Champion in the same night. Not an easy match to win, nor is it an easy match to defend the title in.

Don: That it is not. Now, what are you thoughts on your opponent this Sunday, Stryker Cloud?

Ghost: The man has the potential to be a great BWF Champion or World Heavyweight Champion, someday, but he will not break the curse of the title and retain this Sunday, because like I said before Tainted Twilight, I've returned to the ring and there isn't one person that is going to stop me from becoming a 3 time World Heavyweight Champion. Not some tiny Japanese masked wrestler, or some two bit interviewer like yourself. Now this interview is over.

Don: But you didn't answer the question that I asked you first.

Ghost looks at Don before standing up and kicking him in the gut and delivering the Ride to Hell on him.

Ghost: Like I said, the interview is over.

Ghost then climbs out of the ring and walks back to the backstage area and the camera focuses on the motionless Don McMichael in the center before flashing back to Ghost, who staring at the destruction he's caused in the ring before turning around as the camera fades to black.