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[Scene: The camera fades up to the exterior of a local bar here in Tampa, Florida]


As the camera pans around, we see some of the local people going about their business and some tourists taking pictures. After about 15-20 seconds the cameraman follows Don McMichael, who appears from behind the camera and enters the bar looking for anyone worth interviewing. The bar is a small two room building. In the first room is the bar area, where we see two TVís, a big screen in the corner near the door and a smaller one behind the bar area, showing some of the local sports. The big screenís game goes to a timeout and switches over to commercial and a preview for Tainted Twilight starts playing.



Watch Tainted Twilight, this Sunday featuring the three main events only on Pay-Per-View.


Bam vs. Mark Kinxx


vs. vs.
The Big O vs. X vs. Ghost


Stryker Cloud vs. Josh McKlick (Champion)


Bar Patron #1: Everyone knows that wrestling is fake, who would pay to see that?


Bar Patron #2: Yeah, what a waste of money in my opinion. Everything that takes place is staged.


Don McMichael looks around nervously as he is wearing a BWF t-shirt. The two bar patrons that were talking about wrestling being fake see him and walk over to him. The first guy is around 6í6Ē and appears to be close to 350lbs of pure muscle wearing a white muscle shirt, a pair blue jeans and a pair of steel toe work boots. The second guy is slightly shorter and less muscular, wearing the same attire as the first guy.


Bar Patron #1: Look what we have here, one of those fake wrestling supporters. Maybe we should teach him a lesson about how real men fight.


Don: Please donít hurt me, I only work for the BWF, Iím not a wrestler, Iím fragile.


Bar Patron #2: Did you hear that, (sarcastic tone) heís not a wrestler, heís fragile. Then this should be easy to teach him a lesson.


The bigger man reaches back to throw a right hand to the face of Don, but his hand gets caught by an arm that comes from out of the view of the camera. The cameraman pans to the right and we see that the man responsible for stopping the bigger man from destroying Don McMichael is none other then the returning superstar and first inductee into the BWF Hall of Fame, the deadman himself, Ghost. Both of the men take a step back and size up their opponent before making a decision not to attack him.


Ghost: HmmÖ seems you two have suddenly become either fans of wrestling or chicken. Weíll, it would seem that you only pick on guys smaller then you. Which one of you is the man in your relationship, itís obvious that your both gay, you dress alike, talk alike, and more then likely share a brain between the two of you.


Both men taking offense to the comment of Ghost charge at him. Ghost nails the smaller guy with a boot to the face, while showing his great agility and strength by grabbing the bigger man by the throat and chokeslaming him through the nearby table. Ghost then picks up the smaller guy and tombstones him into the floor. He then picks up both men and motions for Don McMichael to open the door. Ghost then proceeds to throw each man out into the street. Then men get back to their feet and scurry off down the street afraid of what would happen should they decide to take on Ghost again. Ghost then turns to Don McMichael.


Ghost: What the hell were you thinking walking in here without someone to protect you scrawny ass? That doesnít matter, what are you doing in here?


Don: I came here looking for a BWF superstar to interview about their upcoming match at Tainted Twilight and thought that maybe one would be in here, seeing that most of you like to have a drink or two during you off-time.


Ghost: One piece of advice for you, next time you decide to come waltzing into a bar, at least make arrangements with one of the superstars before almost getting you ass kicked. Now, you said that you wanted to interview a superstar about their upcoming match. Iím here so interview me.


Don: Alright, letís have a seat then.


Ghost and Don McMichael walk over to a nearby booth, forcing the cameraman to stand because there is no place for him to sit and have a clear view of the interview. A waitress walks over carrying two menus and hands one to Ghost and one to Don McMichael. The waitress turns to Don.


Waitress: May I get you something to drink while youíre waiting?


Don: Iím working, so Iíll just have a soda and some of those mozzarella sticks that I hear this place is famous for.


Waitress: And for you sir?


Ghost: Iíll take a drink made of a shot of Everclear, Bacardi 151, 100 proof Southern Comfort, mixed with coke. Make that two.


Waitress: Okay, Iíll be right back with your drinks.


Don: Now on with the interview. My first question is the status of the nagging injuries that have kept you out of the ring on a permanent basis for the past couple of months, keeping you in ring appearance down to one or two a month on average.


Ghost: Well Iíd have to say that most of my injuries are behind me and healed up nicely. The only injury I have left is ring rust being out of the ring on a regular basis these past months has left me a little rusty, but I should be on top of my game by the time Sunday comes around, I have some practice sessions left these next few days.


The waitress returns with the drinks and mozzarella sticks.


Waitress: Would you like anything else?


Don: No, weíre fine, thank you.


Waitress: Okay.


The waitress sets the check on the table and walks away.


Don: My next question is why did you decide to return to action now, instead of staying as General Manager of Mayhem?


Ghost: It wasnít really my choice to step down as GM, David saw it fit to replace me as General Manager with that piece of monkey crap Timothy Murphy. No disrespect to the Stenchman, but Iíve beaten him, heís beaten me. Returning to the ring was more my decision then Davidís as I know my limits and what the condition of my body is, and knowing that Iím in the best condition now, then I have been in a long time, I figured why not come back and make a run at the World Heavyweight Championship, but I needed to become the #1 contender first.


Don: Which leads me to my next question, what do you think of your opponents at Tainted Twilight?


Ghost: My opponents are both worthy competitors and will put up quite a challenge, as they are both two-time former world champions like myself. But let me tell you a little more about what I think of each of then more in depth, starting with X.


Ghost downs his drinks and starts to think.


Ghost: X is a close friend and his coming back was one of the major reasons that I decided to return to in-ring action. I want to fight the best and they come no better then X. Not only is he a former two-time world champion, but I think he is the guaranteed next inductee into the BWF Hall of Fame, even though heís been gone for the past few months. Now, even thought I respect him very much, Iíll stop at nothing from winning the match at Tainted Twilight and going on to Vertigo to win the World Heavyweight Champion from whomever is the current champion at the time.


Don: Thatís a nice speech, but what about your other opponent, The Big O.


Ghost: You didnít give me a chance to finish, now if you interrupt me again, Iíll do to you what I did to those two men earlier. Now as for The Big O, what a shitty month this man has been having, first losing to Violent Flyer. The sad part is that, not only did he lose the match, but the World Heavyweight Championship as well. His month starts to climbs back on an upward slope when he regained the World Heavyweight Championship at Danger Zone in a triple threat match against Carnage and Violent Flyer. Triple threat matches arenít easily won, but then again neither are Elimination Chamber matches, and I won the only one in BWF history. But Iím talking about Big O, not myself. Then his month started back down on its downward slope when he lost the World Heavyweight Championship to a mid-carder by the name of Josh McKlick. Although, I canít say that he lost it intentionally, as he wasnít part of the decision. Big Oís lost some of his skill competing against jobber, so I have a request for you Tommy. Bring you A game, or donít show up.


Don: Big words. What is you prediction for the World Heavyweight Championship match?


Ghost: Another encounter between Stryker Cloud and Josh McKlick. Wonít these two ever stop their petty squabbling. There feud has been going on for months now, and I think that this will be their final encounter. My prediction is that Josh McKlick streak of lucky wins will finally come to an end when heís beaten 1, 2, 3 in the center of the ring by Stryker Cloud. Although, I could be wrong and Josh could get another lucky break and win the match.


As Ghost gets finished speaks two police officers walk into the view of the camera.


Officer #1: Would you please come with us sir?


Ghost stands up and towers of the two officers, who appear to be slightly under 6í.


Ghost: May I ask what this is about?


Officer #2: We have reports that you attacked two individuals earlier today in this establishment.


Ghost: I wonít disagree with that statement, but I only did it out of protection for this guy here, they were planning on attacking him and I stopped them.


Don: Thatís true, he did stop them from attacking me.


Officer #1: Weíre going to have to take you down to the station to clear this up. Please turn around and place you hands behind you back with your fingers interlocked.


Ghost does as the officer say and places his hand behind his back and the second officer cuffs him.


Ghost: Seems the interview is over for now.


Ghost is then escorted by the two officers out of the bar as the camera fades to black.