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The camera fades up to General Manager, Timothy Murphy's office. We see Tim sitting behind his desk working on some paperwork and looking over contracts of potential BWF wrestlers for Mayhem. As David looks up from his papers, he gets a startled look on his face. As the camera pans to the right, we see Ghost standing in the doorway of Tim's office.

Tim: Ghost, what are you doing here ya bloody wanker?

Ghost: I came here to talk to you about my match this Thursday against Bishop. Why did you place me against the smaller of the world tag team champions?

Tim:: It wasn't really my decision, I placed an open challenge for anyone that would like to take you on in a match and he was the first to answer the challenge, so he got the match. Also his partner was already scheduled for a handicap match against the Demon Knights.

Ghost: I see. Well then, I'll be taking my leave, you have a good time doing whatever it is that you do when you alone, you stupid bastard.

Ghost walks out the door and Tim, visibly angry,  goes back to his desk work as the camera fades to black.











The camera fades up to the outside of the Gund Arena in Cleveland, Ohio. The camera follows Don McMichael as he walks around looking for Ghost. As he's walking through the door to the backstage area a red Mazda RX-8 pulls into the parking garage. Don runs over to the car and opens the door, and out steps Ghost wearing his trademark long black leather trench coat and wide-brimmed cowboy. We can see a figure in the passenger side, but the light are too dim to make it out. He looks around and see that Don opened the door for him and appears disappointed.

Ghost: Damn, are you stalking me now, aren't you already following the Demon Knight around.

Don: Well... um, see, the thing is

Ghost: Well, if I wanted an excuse as to why your here, I would make one up myself. I'm guessing the reason your here is that you couldn't find the Demon Knights at the moment and decided to talk to the first person worth interviewing that you could find. Am I correct?

Don: Actually, you are. Now that we have that cleared up, can I get an interview from you?

Ghost: Normally I would say yes, but I already have an interview setup with Toshi Yang after her interview/lunch with the new BWF Champion, Stryker Cloud, and I'm was supposed to meet her here, but she called me at told me that she'd be running late and I'm going to have to find someone else to take the interview, so I guess talking to you will be fine for a while.

Don: Great. Well, my first I'd like to show you a clip on this portable monitor.

[The camera switches over to Ghost's victory at Tainted Twilight.

Big O grins and turns back to the ring, where Ghost is waiting for him! He lifts Big O upside down, then drops him headfirst into the mat with the Ride to Hell! Ghost crosses both of Big O’s hands over his chest in a cover as referee Steve Nelson counts.





Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentleman, here is your winner as the result of a pinfall and the #1 contender to the BWF Championship… GHOST!

The camera then switches back to the interview between Ghost and Don McMichael]

Don: Well, my first question is how did it feel to be back wrestling in front of your many fans?

Ghost: What kind of stupid question is that, I can see why Chaos and Carnage get annoyed with you every time you interview them. But to answer you question, it felt great. Performing in front of the millions of people last Sunday, you get a feeling that most people feel once in a lifetime. Would you like to know what made my return to the ring more exciting and memorable?

Don: Yes, I would. What made you return more exciting and memorable?

Ghost: The fact that I won my match and became the #1 contender for the BWF Champion at Vertigo. I was up against some tough competition from X, but I was disappointed by the sloppy work that Tommy did. He was even much of a challenge, it didn't seem like he wanted to win the match that badly.

Don: Didn't you pin him to win the match?

Ghost: I may have pinned him, but as I said, it wasn't much of a challenge.

Don: Ok, well my next question is what do you think of your opponent this Thursday on Mayhem, Bishop.

Ghost: I haven't seen him wrestle that much, in fact, I think that the only time I've seen him was this past Sunday when he stopped Carnage from breaking up the pin attempt by Karma, by hitting him with a hurricanrana off the top rope. So I don't have an opinion of him at the current moment. He must be one hell of a wrestler to become on half of the World Tag Team Champions, alongside his partner Karma, but then again, he could be a jobber, who relies on the Karma to win his matches for him. Seems we'll find out this Thursday when he takes me on is a singles match. Oh, and Bishop if you do bring Karma down to the ring with you, it won't bother me, if fact I'd be happy if he came down to the ring to interfere, then I'd give him what coming to him.

Don: Big words, but then again you are a former two-time world champion and the second biggest man in the company at the current time. Are you sure you could take on both of the World Tag Team Champions at one time?

Ghost: If it comes down to it. But I don't think there is going to be a problem as long as Karma doesn't try to interfere in the match between his partner Bishop and myself, that goes for anyone else back in the locker room.

As Ghost finished speaking, X walks up from off camera and stares Ghost in the eyes. After about 5-6 seconds X turns to Don McMichael.

X: Look what we have here, the new #1 contender for the BWF Championship at Vertigo and the stalker of the Demon Knights.

Don: Hey, I take offense to that. I don't stalk the Demon Knights, I just follow them a little closer then most.

Ghost: Here that, he follows them closer then most.

Ghost and X have a good laugh before X continues talking.

X: First, I would like to congratulate you on beating me this past Sunday at Tainted Twilight. Although you pinned The Big O and not myself. Secondly, I would like to tell you that I have you back Thursday night, to make sure that your match stays a singles match and doesn't turn into a handicap match, you against the newly crowned World Tag Team Champions.

Ghost: Sounds good to me, I'm still wondering why Mr. Blazenwing didn't place you in a match. Are you still hurt from the spear that sent you flying out of the ring on Sunday? How's are the ribs?

X: David called me earlier this week and told me that unless I was cleared by a doctor before today, I wouldn't be able to wrestle this week. The ribs are still a little sore and my jaw is also a little sore. You know, from when you hit me with the Execution, sending you foot right into my face.

Ghost: It was all in the spirit of competition, I said in my interview earlier in the week that there was nothing that was going to stop me from winning the match and I ment every word I said.

X stares down Ghost a few more seconds before his cell starts ringing.

X: Hello... is it serious? Okay, I'll be there right away.

Don: Anything serious?

X: Nothing that I'd mention to you, I'll be there on Thursday, Ghost.

Ghost: Alright.

X starts to walk away, before turning around and looking Ghost in the eyes once more.

X: Oh, and good luck.

X then turns back around and walks out of the view of the camera.

Don: What an interruption, who does he think he is?

Ghost: He thinks he's X, former two-time world champion and the 2003 Gauntlet Run winner and most likely the next inductee into the BWF Hall of Fame, that's who he thinks he is.

Don: No need to get all jumpy, I was just making a random comment.

Ghost: You full of those aren't you.

Don: Um, well...

Before Don can finish his sentence, Ghost climbs back into his Mazda RX-8 and closes the door.

Don: Hmm, serves him right, I'd show him a thing or two if he were still standing here.

Ghost presses the button on the power window for the drivers side, we can see a blonde haired woman's face in the passenger seat.

Ghost: Did you have something to say to me?

Don looks around for anything that he can arm himself with. After looking for a few seconds and realizing that there's nothing there, looks at Ghost and runs off out of the parking garage.

[The camera switches to the one inside the car. We can see the back of Ghost head and the blonde hair of the figure sitting in the passenger seat.]

Woman: What was that all about?

Ghost: That guy thinks he has the power to take an interview when ever he wants. I gave him the opportunity just to make him happy. Now, let me take you to that restaurant that you wanted to go to, just need to make a quick stop to my locker room.

Woman: Ok, let's go then.

The camera switches back to the on in the parking garage and we see Ghost put the window back up as he drives further into the parking garage as the camera fades to black.