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Scott Benjamin: The following match is for the BWF Championship! On his way to the ring first, weighing in at 215 pounds, from Oak Creek, Wisconsin, the BWF Champion... Josh McKlick!!!

"I Stand Alone" by Godsmack plays on the BlazenTron and Josh McKlick walks out with a dirty look towards the fans as they all boo him. He just laughs and keeps walking to the ring. Josh McKlick then rolls into the ring and throws up his hand with the V1 Symbol.

Gore: Ladies and gentleman, we’re all set to begin tonight’s main event!

Buzz: This is for the World title. Let's see if X can win the title on his first night back.

Gore: Very true. Don’t forget, Buzz, this is a also the first title defense of Josh McKlick. Don't forget that Josh is beat two men last week to become the Champion just one week ago!

Scott Benjamin: And his opponent, weighing in at 250 pounds, from Alliance, Ohio, he is the challenger for the BWF Championship… X!!!


The bell sounds and referee Mike Kosiboski calls for the two men to fight. Josh, looking to make a big impression, goes straight on the offensive. He locks up with X and whips him towards the ropes. X comes flying back and looks for a diving cross body on Josh, but Josh ducks and X sails over Josh and crashes to the canvas. Josh begins to stomp on the body of X. The crowd gets behind Josh as he picks up X and sends the crowd wild as he wheels back and then lands a huge kick to the chin of X who collapses to the mat.

Buzz: You know, I just realized… X isn't wearing facepaint!

Gore: You’re right! Aren't we the observant one

Buzz: Geez, X is really pulling out all the stops, isn’t he? He’ll do anything to retain.

Josh gets X to his feet, X tries to fight back with a few punches but Josh is up to the challenge and knees X in the groin doubling him over. Josh lifts up X and brings him down with a huge DDT bringing the crowd to their feet! X rolls to the left and starts crawling towards the other side of the ring, away from Josh.

Gore: The challenger looks to be outmatched here by the champion.

Buzz: Right? What an improvement Josh has made in the past weeks, must have been his training.

Josh continues his domination as he grabs X and hauls him up. However, X manages to break Josh's grip and counters with a sitdown faceslam from out of nowhere! Josh's head bounces off the canvas and the crowd starts booing as X rolls over, but is powerless to move. Both men are down, but Mike Kosiboski can do nothing but look on. After about seven seconds or so, Josh is the first to move. He rolls across and sees that X is down, Josh gets to his feet and staggers towards the turnbuckle, holding his head, he climbs to the top rope and the crowd roars as he launches himself off with the McKlick Flyer! Josh comes crashing down with the dragon attack, landing perfectly on the prone X! The challanger’s whole body jerks as Josh connects, Josh bounces off X and rolls under the ropes, X is out cold in the ring.

Gore: Did you see the agility of Josh McKlick there? Buzz, that was absolutely fantastic!




Buzz: But he hasn’t won yet… high impact top rope splashes are good and fine, but they won’t keep X down for the count, and if he's not down for the count then Josh won’t win the match.

Josh turns back to the ring and slides in. X is near the ropes and is not showing any sign of moving. Josh grabs X and pulls him into the center of the ring, then slowly but surely picks up X. The challanger stands shakily as Josh slaps X hard across the face, showing no respect. Suddenly, spit spews from the mouth of X into the face of Josh, who clutches his eyes and staggers backwards. X coughs and coughs before turning and kicking Josh hard in the chest. Josh falls backwards and crashes to the mat.

Gore: Wow… that’s the first time I’ve ever seen a loogie used as an offensive move!

Josh pulls himself to his feet and the two men lock up. Josh uses his agility to his advantage and takes out X with a sweep of the leg, sending X down to the mat. Josh points to the corner for a huge pop, then walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs it. X slowly gets to his feet and Josh launches himself off the top rope and hits a flying cross body on X, taking the challanger down again!

Buzz: Come on, X! Start busting out some dangerous moves and bust X’s ass open!

Gore: So now you like Josh? You change your mind more than a woman!

Josh reaches his feet and waits for X to get up. Slowly but surely, X gets to his feet. Josh looks for a kick to the head of X, but X dodges and Josh his Senior referee Mike Kosiboski, X then comes charging forward, catches him and executes the Sedator! Josh slams hard with his head onto the canvas. X smiles and climbs out of the ring and walks towards the timekeepers table.

A whine can be heard throughout the arena and as "Bombshell" by Powerman 5000 hits the BlazenTron, a rocket flies from the ceiling to the stage and sets off a series of explosions.

Gore: What the hell, I thought he wasn't here tonight.

Big O jumps over the barricade with a chair and attacks X from behind with a chair shot to the head. Big O then sets the chair on the ground, picks up X and delivers the Howling Slam onto the chair.

Gore: What is X going to do at the rate he'll get counted out?





Gore: X seems to be down for the count.







The referee reaches the 10 count.

Gore: Oh no!


Scott Benjamin: Ladies and gentleman, here is your winner and still the BWF Champion Josh McKlick!

The arena lights fade to a light hue of blue as "Asiattacker" begins playing over the BlazenTron. The crowd cheers loudly as Stryker Cloud slowly rises up from the center of the stage while smoke consumes him. Once he has risen, Cloud folds his hands and bows traditional Japanese style, causing two large pillars of flame to surround Cloud..

Stryker Cloud runs down to the ring and start to beat down the helpless Josh McKlick. Big O slides into the ring. Cloud looks at Big O as both men stand on the prone body of Josh McKlick. After a few seconds both men starts to stomp and kick away at Stryker Cloud.

Stryker Cloud: That title should be around my waist, not you. I challenge you to a match at Tainted Twilight. Seeing as you look to be unconcious, I will await you decision next week.

An ominous bell tolls as "Dark Side" hits the BlazenTron. Rain is heard and Ghost's voice can be heard, speaking in a demonic tongue. The crowd gets on their feet and cheer as the lights turn a deep shade of blue and Ghost, wearing a trenchcoat and a black brimmed cowboy hat, walks onto the ramp, staring unflinchingly at the ring. After walking down the ramp, Ghost slowly climbs the ring steps and steps into the ring, then removes his trenchcoat and hat. He lifts his hands into the air, eyes rolled back in his head and the lights return to normal as the music fades.

Ghost: What makes you think that you deserve a shot at the BWF Championship at Tainted Twilight? Because you are a former U.S. Champion. Possibly, but that doesn't mean you'll get one. I'll grant you a title shot, if you do a little favor for me, take out that punk Rex, who had the nerve to ambush me on Havok from behind. I await your action this Monday.

Gore: What a huge announcement. Stryker Cloud get a shot at the BWF Championship at Tainted Twilight, if he takes out Rex this Monday night on Havok.

Buzz: Like the rest of you, we'll have to wait and see, won't we. For my brodcast partner, I'm Buzz, have a good night.

Stryker Cloud and Ghost stare each other down in the center of the ring and the camera fades into the BWF logo then to a black screen,