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A Video is shown on the blazentron, the screen goes fuzzy before A picture 
of KeeKs can clearly be seen in a parking lot. KeeKs stares at the camera clutching a baseball bat. 
He Begins To Talk

[KeeKs] C.D Punk, oh C.D Punk, you should have known better than to let your 
little accomplice help you out in our match up, this spells the end for 
you. You see Punk this has only reignited the flame I once had, the passion that 
used to burn within. Punk you will soon see that you have rewoven the 
monster that is Ville! There will be no more KeeKs, Only the ville of former 
federations, the former hotshot of the year in the IWF. Punk if its a war 
you want, that's exactly what you're going to get, Punk I'm going to spell 
it out for you, I want a rematch, and I want to add a special stipulation. I 
want this match to be Hell In a Cell, and no this isn't to protect me from 
your accomplice, it's simply to protect them from me. Punk this war will be 
ended one way or another, and I sure don't plan on laying down and dieing.

The video closes, with a picture of Ville's Eyes, you can see the picture of 
a renewed man, Ville is back.