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The lights fade to a blinking red and black glow as "Prayer" by Disturbed hits the BlazenTron and C.D. Punk walks out from the curtain. Sparks blast across the ramp as C.D. Punk heads towards the ring, showering him as he walks. Punk slides into the ring and pyro blasts from the turnbuckle as the lights return to normal.

Scott Benjamin: On his way to the ring, weighing in at 225, from New York City, New York, C.D. Punk!

The lights go out, and the stage begins to flash red and green as HiM's "Buried Alive by Love" hits the BlazenTron. The crowd begins to boo as the spotlights turn their attention to the curtain, and from out of nowhere, KeeKs appears. KeeKs' head is bowed and his back is turned. As his entrance video plays on the BlazenTron, KeeKs begins to walk to the ring in a methodic fashion...

From out of nowhere, Jessi appears and smashes Batty McBatterson over the back of the head of KeeKs, breaking it in half. C.D. runs to where Keeks is lying on the ground motionless followed by referee Tony Socia. C.D. covers Keeks.





Scott: Your winner by pinfall, C.D. Punk!!!

Gore: Damn, that was a short match, next up is the World Title Match.

Buzz: A triple threat table match between two jobbers and the true champion.

Gore: Sure, whatever you say.