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Scott Benjamin: This following match is a tag team championship tournament match. On there way to the ring, weighing in at a combined weight 468 pounds, from Hell, Michigan, Carnage and Chaos, the Demon Knights!!!

The lights die as Slipknot's "Spit it Out" begins to play. Red strobe lights and fog fill the entranceway, as Carnage and Chaos walk out. As they walk down the ramp, a large explosion hits the stage, and the lights return.

Scott: and their opponents, weighing in at a combined weight of 536 pounds, Graveyard and Apocalypse.

"My Plague" by Slipknot hits the BlazenTron and the lights go out and you hear screaming in the background. After about a minute, lights appear on the stage and you see Apocolypse walking down the ramp and entering the ring. Once in the ring, the lights return as Apocolypse stands there in the middle of the ring and stares at the entrance.

The lights in the arena go black and a deep gong hits. The crowd gets on their feet as the "Graveyard Symphony" begins playing over the BlazenTron. A ring of fire ignites on the stage and smoke begins pouring out from it. Slowly, Graveyard rises up for within the ring of fire to a huge pop. He slowly walks to the ring and steps onto the apron, then climbs into the ring and raises his hands into the air, bringing the lights back to normal before ending the music.

Apocalypse and Graveyard argue who is going to start the match as Chaos climb out to the ring apron. Apocalypse finally decides to start the match after losing a game of paper rock scissors. Apocalypse goes for a running clothesline on Carnage but misses and Carnage connects from behind with a bulldog sending Apocalypse's face crashing into the mat. Carnage gets back to his feet and goes for a side kick but Carnage catches his foot and spins him around. Apocalypse spins around and connects with a spinning clothesline.

Buzz: Nice balance by Apocalypse to connect with the clothesline after the counter by Carnage.

Both men and lying on the mat. Apocalypse crawls to his corner and tags in Graveyard and Carnage is getting back to his feet. Graveyard locks up with Carnage and whips him into the corner. Graveyard climbs the ropes and punches Carnage repeatedly. Graveyard whips Carnage to the corner across the ring, but Carnage reverses the whip and send Graveyard into the corner. Carnage runs and connects on Graveyard with a splash in the corner. Graveyard stumbles out of the corner. Carnage goes for the Six Feet Under, but Graveyard counter with a german suplex sending the back of Carnage's head crashing to the mat.

Gore: Nice counter by Graveyard, if only he could take advantage after that move but both men a out in the center of the ring.

Referee Steve Nelson starts the ten count.




4...Both men start to get back to their feet

5...Graveyard starts to crawl back to his corner

6..Graveyard tags in Apocalypse as Carnage tags in Chaos

Chaos knocks down Graveyard with a running clothesline. Apocalypse tries for an ambush but gets a clothesline of his own from Chaos.

Buzz: Chaos is really taking it to both Graveyard and Apocalypse.

Gore: That's because he hasn't been in the match, Carnage was the one that took the punishment so far.

Chaos locks in the Final Resting Place on Graveyard.


...Graveyard tries to reach the ropes


...Graveyard taps out.

Scott: Your winners by submission, Chaos and Carnage, the Demon Knights.

Gore: What an exciting match, we will be back at the commercial break with our next match up, the street fight between C.D. Punk and KeeKs Madison.