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Earlier in the day: The camera show the empty U.S. Cellular Arena. Standing around the ring apron are all of the Mayhem superstars except Austin Pyromaniac. In the center of the ring is Mayhem General Manager, Ghost. Standing next to him on the left is World Heavyweight Champion, Tommy Oliver and standing to the right is United States Champion, Chaos.


Ghost: This is the first Mayhem and I want it to be a good one, so for the delights of the fans, we are going to have a triple-threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Big O: What? What the hell are you getting at, my first night on Mayhem and you make me defend my new won World Heavyweight Championship against two men.


Ghost: Pip down and shut up or Iíll strip you of your title and suspend you. Would you rather have that?


Big O stands in silence.


Ghost: I though not. Now because of the two matches that have already been booked for tonight, Chaos, Carnage, Apocalypse, Graveyard, Keeks Madison, and C.D. Punk, you are all exempt from the title match tonight but you can qualify if you work hard enough.


Chaos, Carnage, Apocalypse, Graveyard, Keeks Madison, and C.D. Punk exit the ring area and walk balk to the backstage area and to their respective locker rooms.


Ghost: Now of the rest of you, who of you is man enough to take on Tommy here tonight in the triple threat?


The superstars look at each other at then at Big O. Johnny Evildude climbs through the ropes and stares down Big O.


Ghost: Thatís one, who is going to fill the other spot?


Johnnyís tag team partner Josh McKlick climbs through the ropes and stands next to Johnny.


Ghost: Then itís settled. It will be Johnny Evildude vs. Josh McKlick vs. The Big O in a triple threat for the World Heavyweight Championship in a tables match.