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The Nexus

I actually created this layout for my other website, which was designed to display information about my novel series. However, I'm releasing it for others to use, because I thought maybe people would like it. I enjoy it a lot, especially the colors and its use of shadow and light with blue and blue-green hues. I'm still using it for my other site, but that doesn't really matter; it's just my novel and novel character information site. I also use it for the purpose of online role-play.

It has been given the title 'The Nexus' because I have based the site's design off of something in my novel, something that connects the planes and so on. I won't go into detail about it here, but I do hope that you enjoy the layout. =)

Use and customization

The HTML should be valid, as well as the CSS, so I'm hoping that it will look how it was intended to look in other browsers. I've tested it in Internet Explorer and Firefox; it looks fine in both.

The links to the side can be customized or taken out. You don't have to have the navigation like that, obviously--or you can just add text links or information on the bottom of it. It's really all up to you.

Please leave a visible link back to my site; the graphics in this layout are 100% my creation and the brushes I used are my own, as well. Thanks and enjoy. =)

The layout's main image was optimized quite a bit for submission purposes for DDG, but the higher quality version is available. Its compression doesn't make it look that different from the original.

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