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Firefighter/Paramedic Gary's Tribute to FDNY

Welcome to my online photo album. My friends and brothers Of the FDNY gave all that fateful day of September 11th 2001. To this end I am eternally saddened and grateful.


To just say thank you to these brave men and women would not be enough. To know that I would lay down my life for theirs would be insignificant. But to know that we as firefighters and paramedics carry on helps to heal.

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Never Forget the 343 lifesavers who did their job so that thousands could live. Never forget the troops that are serving so that the protection of freedom is always ours. That day in 2001 will at some point be forgotten by many, but the few who lived it never will.


  NYC Remembered

The city of New York will continue to go about its daily routine. Wall street will bustle and the business at hand will go on. The crisp Autumn mornings will once again remind the vistors and citizens of this great city how wonderful it is to live here. But to the brave FDNY life has changed forever.