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UOP Course Description:



Master of Arts in Education
Adult Education and Distance Learning
Version 001

Program Description

The College of Education is within the Artemis School and offers graduate level degree and non-degree courses for educators. The Master of Arts in Education is the graduate degree program offered through the College of Education. Graduate non-degree programming includes several state specific certificates/endorsements. Each student/applicant is responsible for checking with his/her state Department of Education and/or school district to determine specific credentialing requirements.

The College of Education works closely with other departments responsible for providing and administering academic programming at the University and with each campus to ensure the quality delivery of all courses and programs.

The Master of Arts in Education degree program is designed to meet the specific needs of educators through specialization in several areas - Administration and Supervision, Adult Education and Distance Learning, Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum and Technology, Early Childhood Education, Educational Counseling, Special Education, and Elementary and Secondary Teacher Education. Each area of specialization offers courses developed to enhance and refine the skills of the individual whether an administrator, educational counselor, classroom teacher, or corporate trainer.

The Adult Education and Distance Learning specialization is a graduate degree for bachelor- prepared individuals who wish to develop and enhance skills necessary to effectively teach within a post-secondary setting or training environment in business. The program encompasses the study of adult learning theories, instructional design, multiple distance education modalities, assessment and evaluation, as well as tools, techniques and strategies associated with distance education with a focus on self-directed learning. Students will learn to use Internet resources, distance education delivery systems, and will focus on how to construct courses and rich learning environments for effective instruction with a variety of learners.

The Master of Arts in Education degree program involves a variety of learning formats, depending upon the subject matter and competencies to be developed. These formats include lecture, group work, and self-directed learning. Additional time is required outside of the formal class sessions for homework, learning team meetings, and project activities.

All of the specializations have a research component, and most culminate with an Action Research Project. All project work integrates the theoretical aspects of education and the practical experience of the adult learner through the identification and exploration of a significant problem related to the student's area of professional responsibilities and interest.

The core curriculum in each area is completed in the order recommended by the University. The University reserves the right to modify the curriculum as necessary. All general academic policies of the University are applicable.

Course # Course Title Credits Prerequisite(s)
*COM 516 Professional Communications 1 ---
EDTC 510 Foundations of Distance Education and Training 2 ---
EDD 511 Adult Learning: Theories, Principles and Applications 3 ---
CUR 524 Instructional Design 3 ---
EDTC 526 Assessment and Evaluation in E-Education 3 ---
QNT 540 Research and Ethics in E-Education 3 ---
EDTC 550 Information Technology 3 ---
EDTC 555 Internet and Distance Education Delivery 3 ---
EDTC 560 Applications of Multimedia and Web Page Design 3 ---
EDTC 570 Courseware Authoring 3 ---
EDTC 575 E-Education in the Global Environment 3 ---
EDTC 590 E-Education Capstone 3 ---