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Hey Everybody! This is like my hompage! Duh!? well i Live in Live Oak and love it. i am 15 years old and a freshman. (no i am not a stupid one).LOL!! I havent been called on at all this year!! I love Cheerleading--it is a sport--Volleyball, Basketball, Softball and Track. I also like to read.I am currently Single (i have commitment issues) i hate being with guys longer than 2 weeks. and no Ricky I am Not a Lezbo despite what you think. LOL!! My favorite bands are Simple Plan...They Rock...50 cent, The Click 5 and Relient K and BIG&RICH they are like the best peoples ever!! save a horse ride a cowboy...Also the all-american rejects,Green Day,Kelly Clarkson and Faith Hill. G-Town Kicks ASS!! Love Ya'll