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Ame Clements

2nd Grade Teacher
Eichold-Mertz Elementary
Mobile, Alabama

Where I've Been

I was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri.  I moved to Alabama to attend the University of South Alabama and I was to study pre-medicine and go to their medical school.  Needless to say, plans changed.  I pursued a degree in elementary education and graduated in May of 2003.  I met my husband through a close friend at college.  He studied music.  He is from Mobile, Alabama.  We were married in June of 2002.  We currently are planning to stay in the mobile area.

My Life as an Educator

 This is my second year of teaching.  I taught 2nd grade last year and am currently teaching 2nd grade.  I was very nervous with "little" children.  I student taught 5th grade and this was a big switch.  I love teaching the younger "little" children and was blessed to be able to teach this age group again.

When I'm Not Working...

I seem to keep myself very busy.  I like to watch movies, go out to dinner, travel (to St. Louis or any where else that sounds like fun!), and enjoy my husband. I do like to cross stich when I can fit it in.  I also must say, I do enjoy reading children's books or any kind of book for that matter. 

Web Sites I Like

There are many sites that I ejoy going to.  Here are a few:
  • The weather site I follow when watching our hurricanes.
  • I like to visit a poems and songs site to use in my classroom.
  • My favorite search engine is google.
  • Finally,I like to visit the scholastic site for various lesson plans and information on different topics.


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