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Armored Core Games Index

Armored Core is a pretty long running series. Surprisingly, the games keep getting better, unlike ONE CERTAIN SERIES ***COUGH FINAL FANTASY COUGH COUGH**** . Unlike most games, however, each game has "stand alone expansions." Simply put, the game has sequels that have every part that was in the last game, plus more, and you can also load your file from the previous game, and retain all the parts (and thus AC designs) from the last game, no matter how far you were in the game (me, I like to beat every AC game starting with the original then beating the expansions) So, technically, although There is an Armored Core 1 and Armored Core 2, AC2 is the 4th game, because in between AC1 and 2 where Armored Core: Project Phantasma and Armored Core: Master of the Arena, AC1's two stand-alone expansions. The latest game released is Armored Core: Nine Breaker, an expansion to Armored Core Nexus, which I have yet to play (grrrr....) And throughout all these games we've seen changes. For example, in Armored Core 1-MOA, there were no E Shields, yet in AC2, there are (whoopety f****** doo) but also in AC2 were shotguns, flamethrowers (well....they were okay, I guess....) and whole new part categories (extensions, inside parts, radiators) which was a big leap. Skip a few more games ahead to Armored Core 3, where the left arm could use flamethrowers (making them actually useful for once) and howitzers (if you ask me, howitzers are your best friend in the arena) and furthermore, cores came in 2 types: Overboost, the standard type with the ability to do a high drain high speed boost, and Exceed Orbit, which launched wireless gunpods! Yes, it's as fun as it sounds! even in AC3: Silent Line, where there wer actual left arm guns (limited selection and inferior to the R arm guns, but hey, LEFT ARM GUNS!!) And even in Armored Core Nexus, the latest stateside released game (MUST...PLAY...) the left and right arm guns are equally strong, and some guns can go on both arms, but there are still weapons exclusive to each arms (L arm is the only shield/blade arm, but still has its own exclsuive guns) and furthermore, you can chose the weapon color for 6 colors. That's not a whole lot, but still cool, I can see myself with golden shields pretty soon, or a jet black laser rifle. Apparently howitzers are non-existant in Nexus, but hell, you don't even need them anymore! I can see the fun now.... Oh, and more importantly,