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Random Video Stuff

Part 1

This is the first video in my...Sort of...Documentary..... I'm gonna be doing these pretty much every day of comm tech class now. Enjoy.

Random notes:

- Krista didn't actually hit me, she tried to whip me with her scarf but that didn't work. Not that she made much of an effort anyway (heh, you know you love me too much for that don't you Krista? :] )She did, however, flail her arms around at Jordan when he left pics on her camera for the 3rd or 4th time. Ahh, the fun.

- Isn't Jill the finest piece of ass you've ever seen? I don't even need to say anything else. She's damn fine and that's that.

- You can't hear half of what goes on in the background. Oh well.

- Apparently, Jordan had to dress up for some work thing. I didn't ask what after that.