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i believe in they. do you?

Instance 1 - I had typed a neat little paragraph upon how people might point out that there is no "They" because "They" wouldn't allow this subpage to be published. But say that there is a "They". And "They" allows subpages like this to be published. Then there are common-knowledge blockheads like you who would dictate over my opinion. Eh. Complicated. "They" is trying to be smart by using some form of reverse-physcology technique, and letting me post this. For common-knowledge would dictate that a "They" wouldn't let me post this. Nevermind. Anyway. I had typed something like that and then I tried to separate it apart with a font-size 1. The buttons on the page erased my highlighted text and replaced it with an HTML tag.

Instance 2 - While typing excerpts of this, I happened to be on the "downstairs" computer. Naturally, it was cool, if not cold. Soon, I started noticing it more and more, seeing how my hands were getting cold. If any one knows, cold hands make you type slower and more inaccurate. I turned on the electric heat for that room... Soon it did get warm. My suspicions dictated that my dad would walk in, and make some comment about having the heat on in summer. (it was cold just for the record). However, he never did. There doing that super-reverse-common-knoledge thing. Trying to prove me wrong.

Instance 3 - In short, I was typing this up, just now. And my mother stopped me and said that I should come with her to Vision World to pick out a pair of glasses for her. She needs my advice. I found myself stopped typing, and I haven't typed what I was going to.

Instance 4 - This is what I was going to type. There was this day when I was typing some more stuff. All a' sudden some IM pops up, asking me to click on a link. The kid said he knew me or something (it's more complicated, i'm not a dumbass), so I clicked, and it took my browser, along with all the text I wrote (and didn't save) with it. The site was legit, however, by clicking the "back" button on the browser, I found the text gone.

Instance 5 - My best friend. That kid they call PORTER. I told him 'bout all these suspicions and stuff. He denies them 100%. Thinks I'm crazy, a lunatic. I agree, secretly knowing that he's one of them. It's exactly like "The Truman Show". His best friend, probably the most influential person for him, is in on the act. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Instance 6 - Today. I was supposed to bike up to town and meet this kid. Go into this other friend's house (he's on vacation) and stuff (not going to type incriminating stuff on the net anymore...) So, perhaps the one day where it's ok for me to bike up there. The .. "last" minute he remembers that his family is coming in, for 2 weeks. Just the perfect amount of time I figure. Cause I have court in 1 week. 3 days after, I'm leaving for Florida, for another week and a half. By then, that one kid who was on vacation, will be back. See how the entire situation imploded??

I can correlate ANY situation in my life to they. Some are just more convincing that others.

I can correlate ANY situation in my life to "They". Some are just more convincing that others.