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Driving home one day, you stop and think: What is They?

In every year, every month, day, hour, minute, every second, every MOMENT I'm alive, there is a superior "They" haunting above my every move.

As mentioned before, "They" is a cross between "The Truman Show" (for those unfamiliar with this movie.. Jim Carey stars as the central character in a 24/7 TV Show that is dedicated entirely to the life of Truman(Jim Carey). Truman is unaware of any such "spying" on him (he lives his life inside a giant TV set shaped like a typical city)) and "The Matrix" (in which we are again unaware of the truth, and reality.)

"They" watch over us. "They" perform god-like acts, seeing all, past, present, and more importantly, future. "They" see the future, and respond to that. "They" can read our(my) thoughts, and allow the countless other dumb human beings to interact with me in a way that poses the question, "how do they know". How do they know..

deja vu is not
it is "They". "They" is the reason.

Pondering one day... I wondered how big "They" incorporates... Is it merely my family, my friends, etc? Does it span more hugely to incorporate the 6.6 billion humans on earth? Or is it more fundamental... incorporating all the glutons, quarks, and atoms, molecules, protons, nuetrons, and electrons of this universe?

If "They" exists, no doubt you are a member, whether you know it or not, of "They". Because, by reading this, you obviously have SOME connection to me, therefore you in some way have some power over the way "They" chooses to shape my thoughts, emotions, responses, and actions.

That's another question... Do the members of "They" "know" that they are apart of "They"? Or do they just do the things they do subconciously, and not knowing that there actions are in the best interest of "They"?

You suck.

Yeah, go ahead and keep suckin' you sucktastic suck-alot bitch.

Nothin' to write here...