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the judicial system blows

What I REALLY want to protest is the judicial system. The Constitution states that everyone is entitled to a fair and speedy trial. Exactly what I haven't been issued. Besides, speediness is in the mind of the beholder (ie. the appealette judge). It's a qualitative piece of opinion, not quantitative fact. And THAT'S what pisses me off!

This thing has been dragged on now for over 2-3 months. I was caught 2-3 months ago, and I still don't even know my sentence. And that sentence will probably sure as hell have some reprocussions that will last into next school year.

And fair? Like shit. From the moment I talked to the police officer at my house at 3am when I was caught, to the investigator I had to clear up details to, or to the last pretrial hearing I was at, these people have had nothing else but bad first impressions of me. Before they even meet me, when they're sitting down, reading my papers, and prepping for they're tlak with me, they have a biased view of who I am as a person. They think I'm a delinquent(granted, I am, but what if I was innocent? Which, truthfully, I am on some counts of the shit they're charging me with. Their stories, "facts", and charges are all messed up.)

Point is, don't get caught for the crap you do. Not for the consequences, but for sitting outside each pretrial hearing for over 2 hours. (seriously)

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