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i don't know.

1. people that act like they're listening or give a shit but it's blatantly obvious they don't.

2. people trying to push the "guilt trip" on you, like my mom

4. my sister. always getting in my way, asking questions.
"why do you even care!?" i say.
she say "because i love you"

5. FAT people(1). slow-walking people. now i mean, i don't run to classes or lunch like them fags, but, you gotta agree, they are some people who walk just painstakingly slow.

6. FAT people(2). the literally fat people. eh. enough said except they're ugly and fat. and it disgusts people when they try to show it off or wear those "naughty", "angel", or "sexy" t-shirts

7. FAT stores(1). like sam's club. it was ok as a kid, but here i am forming my own opinions. a store that offers deals on bulk products is useless. i want the deals on packages, items, and quantities that i actually need. i noticed this when i went there, looking for say, a 64mb CF memory card. But no, they don't have one, but they do have a nice 256mb one for only 80 dollars! Oh, but i only have 30... after all, i only need/want 64mb, WHY BY THE REST?!

8. rechargable batteries. stupidest invention yet. why by a nice, $200 dollar laptop battery, or $70 dollar pocket pc battery, when it'll loose it's entire charging capacity in 7 months?

9. nothing to eat.

10. STUPID, RETARDED, FAGGISH, mentally SLOW, unreasonably IMMATURE, or otherwise UGLY people annoy the hell out of me.

that's it for now, more to come...

i typed these, again, when i was mad.