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not many people would be as relunctant as i to put 'stories' about family ordeals and broadcast them to hundreds of people

eh. my family.
my mom and my sister; trying to talk me into going to the wave pool in anoka.
they ask me; give me a "choice".
plain and simple, i don't want to.

i make an effort and see if that kid PORTER wants to come.
he's not home.
i don't want to go, I never did.

they are still trying to talk me into it.

so i told them so. "i don't want to go"

they said that it's fine if i don't want to go

they get real hostile and start saying things like:
"why don't you want to go?"
"don't you want to have fun?"
"get out and do something once in a while"
things like that.

i sit there and take it. i mean, i can't fight my mom.

this all continues.

i told them i wont feel guilty, and i said,
"i don't know what your trying to do, but it's not gonna make me go"
soon, my sister gets irrational and says she doesn't want to go.
she storms off.
my mom gets angry.
she is mad because now no one will go with her,
and she thinks my sister won't go because i won't go.

finally, it gets to the point where she is almost yelling and makes the comment,
"you don't ever want to do anything, and it's not normal"

thanks mom, now i really want to go.

i swear to god, if she was any other person besides my mom, i would of lost it.

i almost lashed out and said "fuck off bitch"

but i didn't want to be grounded for a week (and then be back on the computer a day later).

and lastly, she tries to make me feel all guilty.

she, my mom, runs away and comes back saying that she's going back to work for another 3 hours
because no one (referring to me) wants to go to the wave pool.

she never did

anyway, the point is, this really pissed me off.
1. they gave me a "choice", pushing for a yes
2. when i said no, they ignored it
3. when i continually pressing no, they got hostile
4. they tried making me feel guilty, which i am not, i am mad
5. my mom took a stab at me, and i can't get her back

i almost choked my sister to death a few days earlier. i had both my hands around her neck (she wouldn't type in the internet password). She started crying. I let up. She ran to the bathroom, coughing up what sounded to be mucus in her throat.

of course, my sister always over-exagerates