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profiles rule

Lots of people have those profiles on their AIM Profiles. Those ones that you click on, and it links you to a page of useless shit about that person. But hey, it's full of awesome stuff like quizzes, random jokes, guestbooks, and those awesome subpages!

The subpages are my favorite. 99.9% of the time, someone's gonna have an "about me" page. They are so informative too; they tell me stuff I never knew about them, like their age, what school they go to, and if they're not fat, they'll give a weight. Without this page, I would know nothing about the person!

Wait, my real favorite subpage is the "shoutouts" one. Cept, usually, it's written "shoutouts to my peeps". Because we're cool enough to say the word peep. It's very fun to read about some person writing down 10-20-30 different names of friends. "where would i b w/o u lizz???? i love u!!!!!" eh. It's the best.

Those "viewed by" pages at the top are really neat too. You can see all the people who have ever viewed the profile. I, personally, like to grab names off those lists (expecially the 'preps'), and start IM'ing everyone asking who they are. I know that when I get IM'ed by someone I don't know, asking who I am, I always answer them right away.

Overall, the best thing I like about them profiles is the excessive about of useless information provided by them! The only people I think who could really be entertained by reading through one would be some pathetic stalker to some hot chick, trying to pick up anything about her. If you would like to see my profile, then just click here.

If you didn't figure it out after reading it, I was being sarcastic. Profiles suck. I hate them and anybody who has a online poll. Eh.