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i like to program. do you?

eh. people.

not many people appreciate the small, behind-the-scenes dealings of this world. more specifically, computer programming.
they all take it for granted.

"hey i'll let the nerds do that all day and i'll just be lazy and won't give them any credit."

they don't understand the accomplishments that a beginner programmer goes through.. why? because they look at it from outside your, a computer programmer yourself, My realm.

they see you make the simple yet fundamental step of creating your first program print the letters "Hello World" in a DOS prompt and they look at you like it's shit.

"what the hell is that ever good for" they think.

They stand there silenty, as your showing them your greatest accomplishments. and they don't even bother to ponder about HOW MUCH WORK it took to create that program, how much time, effort, and genius (well, maybe not genius, but in more complicated programs). they don't even think about it.

those lousy, selfish, greedy pigs. taking our finished, completed, showcase programs and using them everyday and not for one second in the entire lifetime of that individual does he or she think about who, what, where, why, how was this program created?

these people disgust me.

i once was one of them, the 'lousy, selfish, greedy pigs." Then i learned HTML...I made a few websites. That's what I did.

I then learned Javascript. It was more powerful, offered more expansion and capabilites. soon tho, javascript wasn't enough.

I'm learning java right now. it's better than HTML or javascript combined. You can do the features of BOTH javascript and HTML inside of java itself, along with hundreds of other features and virtues.

anyway. i'm just trying to say you suck. you suck for not even bothering to recognize my accomplishments as a beginner java-programmer.

i hate you.

I like programming. This was I think after I showed my mom the Java program I made... I think it was like a roulette game. She didn't really appreciate it as much as I hope she would. Nothin to it.