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then you will live a better life

"From: ***** *****(8/8/2002)
To: ***** *****

Did it again
Yesterday 4/22 when I picked them up the kids told me that they did not want to go to kid stop anymore. I told them they needed to discuss that with you. They said they did and that you told them "daddy dosen't do anything for me" so I'm not doing anything for him. They then said something about my attorney said that I "needed to push back". What in the world has that got to do with kid stop??? That simply proved what I have told you all allong, you are using the kids to try to get back at me. It is utterly amasing to me that you cannot see that?????????

The fact of the matter is that they are going to kids stop because you are "pushing back". Thus you have succsessfully put them in the middle yet one more time!

The kids would not be going to kid stop if they were on my side of town and the fact that I have to make arrangements for them to go to school on your side of town and then picking them up there as well is giving you a hell of alot more than you are giving me. In either case I could care less about the fact that you feel I don't "give you any thing", I feel the same about you.

What you are missing here is obvious to everyone. THE KIDS ARE BEING FORCED TO GO TO KID STOP AGAINST THEIR WISHES and you have told them or at least attempted tell them that it's my fault, it's not. It's you that forced that issue because you are upset with me. You know that and I know that.

In the future, for the sake of the kids when you are upset you deal with me as I will with you. If we cannot agree on something that's the way it is. Don't CONTINUE use the kids to force an issue. Are you going to send Nick to kid stop next year when he is with you? If so, I am OK with that. If you are not then I am going to give him the Madison option. If he does not want that that's fine. At least this way the choice will be his not forced down his throat by an angry parent looking to get back at their ex-spouse.

If this issue cannot be resolved and if Nick does not want to go to kid stop next year then I will suggest he can go to Madison and then be dropped off at My Mothers or my house asd he gets a little older. I have driven over to your side of town for four years you can do the same for the next two.

I told Brooke and Nick that if that Mommys and Daddys isues are ours NOT theirs and that they are entitled to let us know if they feel it is effecting them."

Again, just another paper written to himself to print out then mail to his Xwife. What a loner.