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On this page you'll find the names for those persons that have been later on identified. Someone might haphazardly collect my scans and I don't want to upset that person by changing the images constantly by adding names and altering the checksums. If you think you know a model, let me know.

Image 1
Laura Castrén
Thanks to Pekka
Image 15
Raica Oliveira (left), Fernanda Tavares
Thanks to E-fo
Images 32-39
Minna Harju
Thanks to FinnCap
Images 42-47
Micki Olin
Thanks to FinnCap
Images 225-232
Jonna Järvenpää
Thanks to Finn
Images 315-317
Elina Pekkanen
Thanks to Finn
Images 335-336
Triinu Raudsepp
Thanks to Finn
Images 337-339
Eeva Salo
Thanks to Finn
Image 358
Sonia Huhtala
Thanks to Pekka
Image 374–375
Nina Rakocevic
Thanks to Pekka
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