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You have just entered room "Angelique Sanctuary."
CIaviss has entered the room.
ZepheI has entered the room.
SeiIan: (( >) ))
SeiIan: (( ::push:: Zephel, we would like you to pose. ))
ZepheI: ( T_T OMG )
ZepheI: (WHAT >:O )
CIaviss: (^_^)
ZepheI: ( rrrraaaaaalfkj alkfj )
ZepheI: ( Clavis I hate you, too. )
SeiIan: (( We need to know where you are. :)
ZepheI: ( >{ It can be anywhere? )
SeiIan: (( In the sanctuary where they all have to freakin' live. ))
ZepheI: ( T_T God. Fine. )
ZepheI: ( ::writes.:: >{ )
ZepheI: ( Or now i will now that i am no longer distracted. ::writefast.:: )
ZepheI: Zephel's eyes were just a little more red than they usually were--and it wasn't just the colour of his eyes, but the white part too. That was why he was wearing a pair of goggles, even while he read in his room. Since he'd seen
ZepheI: Sei Lan, he'd taken a bath and removed all traces of blood from his hair. He dressed himself in a loose fitting tanktop and an especially loose fitting pair of shorts. There were half-finished mechanical things scattered about
ZepheI: his room, but the thing that seemed to be most important was sitting next to him on his bed: a little mechanical cat. He was reading to try to figure out how to fix it. He's not mad about Sei Lan at all, no.
ZepheI: That's why he has a nastier frown than usual.
CIaviss: (I go next?)
SeiIan: (( I can! ::volunteer:: ))
CIaviss: (k!)
ZepheI: ( e_e )
SeiIan: (( Me first pleasssssssse ::moo:: ))
SeiIan: Knockknock.
ZepheI: "Go away!"
SeiIan: Sei Lan, pretty in blue and wearing a lovely long red cape that trailed on the floor, KNOCKED LOUDER.
ZepheI: Zephel, who had no temper problems in the slightest, slammed his book shut and glared at the door.
ZepheI: No, he wasn't mad at ALL.
SeiIan: Sei Lan covered his mouth with a hand and whispered to the black cloud following him, "You can break the lock, right?"
CIaviss: "I guess I can." Clavis said very solemnly behind Sei Lan, stepping up and past him to at least try to give calm sort of knocking. "...Zephel." He spoke
CIaviss: loud enough to be heard muffled on the other side.
SeiIan: 9_9 Fine. Sei Lan folded his arms over his chest and moved to the side, the cape dragging away from the door as he walked away.
ZepheI: The air of gloom Clavis seemed to bring wherever he went wasn't ... really hard to miss. Neither was his voice. Zephel blinked beneath his goggles once, looked a little surprised, and then resumed frown. "Yeah, it's open."
ZepheI: What does -Clavis- want?
CIaviss: Well you'll see. Clavis reached out to the handle and opened the door so that his dark-clad form could slip past and enter. To stand, solemnly as always, near it and stare Zephel down from where he was. "...I
CIaviss: want to speak to you about something. Come, please." A slender hand lifted, motioning him closer.
SeiIan: Out in the hall, Sei Lan curled one of his hands and inspected his nails, one brow up. Siiigh. Hurry up and do your gloomy thing already.
ZepheI: Zephel was nothing but quick to make assumptions when he fixed his goggle-eyed stare on Clavis. "About Sei Lan, right?" he asked. Shut up, Sei Lan! He wasn't moving yet.
SeiIan: >/ I hate asking other people for help.
CIaviss: "About something." Clavis wasnt going to give anything away until Zephel stood up and came over as directed. Of course, as usual, he was nothing special to behold or watch out for... Just standing.
ZepheI: Clavis was higher in position than Zephel was, and while Zephel didn't give his respect in the same manner that other Guardians gave their respect to those in higher position, he was a little bit wary of Clavis. "Whatever," he said
ZepheI: while he swung himself over the edge of the bed and stood up, wincing just a little bit. "I don't care what he told you; he struck first." He'll come, he'll come.
ZepheI: Zephel stepped over bits and pieces of metal and tools to reach Clavis.
CIaviss: Clavis still stood in the doorway with half of the frown. One arm was by his side-- the other was behind his back. Nothing too suspicious of the dark man. When Zephel got close~ Clavis peered down with a
CIaviss: narrowing of eyes. "I just wanted to say.. sorry."
CIaviss: The other hand moved--
CIaviss: came from behind his back, and raised something round, large and heavy.
ZepheI: ..............
CIaviss: CLONK.
ZepheI: XO
ZepheI: Omg he hit me with his gothball!
CIaviss: Right down on the top of Zephel's white head.
CIaviss: u_u
SeiIan: :D Sei Lan, standing out in the hall with a hand against his ear, listened hard and then called out, "Did you get him?"
CIaviss: "He's out cold."
ZepheI: Thud.
SeiIan: Sei Lan went 'heehee' and swooped into the room with his great big red cape floofing around himself dramatically. Once inside, he leaned down to look at the dead mechanic, hands on his knees.
SeiIan: ....then he looked up at Clavis.
SeiIan: "Nice job."
SeiIan: "You've still got it."
ZepheI: >:O OMG.
ZepheI: You stupid jerks!
ZepheI: Or in the words of the people in the RO world: YOU FRAEKING JERKS!!!!!
CIaviss: Clavis half smirked a little- and shrugged a shoulder. "Thank you, I think. Get his feet?" Clavis spoke softly, and tucked the crystal ball--somewhere. Probably a crystal
CIaviss: ball holder or something on the inside of his sleeve. And then stooped, to take hold of a limp Zephel's hands.
ZepheI: A special crystal ball holder made specially for Clavis to carry around in his sleeves?
ZepheI: Does he have one for his cards, too?
CIaviss: Of course.
SeiIan: "All right." Sei Lan reached down to grab Zephel's grubby little feet. One of his hands was wrapped neatly in a gauze bandage thanks for teengothpyre here. "It's just down the hall."
ZepheI: They're CLEAN, thanks.
ZepheI: I bet they're going to drop me in Oscar's room. I bet.
SeiIan: Why do you think we would do bad things?
CIaviss: "Alright- lets go." Once Zephel was all grabbed up, and lifted-- Clavis led the way backward out of the door and down the hall. Heavy kid, what was he made of--metal?
SeiIan: Clavis is good man with happy feelings--all the time!
ZepheI: Because you probably lied to Clavis. >:O
CIaviss: Clavis walked- slow enough, until they reached another door...and kicked it open with the back of his heel, to step in.
ZepheI: Look, this date rape stuff is going too far.
SeiIan: Sei Lan made a face while he carried his end of Zephel. "I think he's 90% water. That'll come in handy."
ZepheI: WAY too far.
CIaviss: "Do you think it'll bleed-?" Clavis rose a slender brow, and dropped one of Zephel's hands to reach up to something red hanging on a hook and yank it down. One of Oscar's capes.
SeiIan: "It should. I brought another one just to make sure."
ZepheI: T_T .......
SeiIan: "Did you remember the un-colour safe detergent?"
CIaviss: "Drag him the rest of the way, if you can." Clavis dropped the other hand, and Zeph's head went THUNK, so that he could step away and open the top to the washer and toss the red in. "I
CIaviss: have bleach but I dont think thats a good idea."
ZepheI: This is albino abuse.
SeiIan: "That won't do the job anyway." Sei Lan made a face and backed the rest of the way to the washing machine, dragging the mutant along. He frowned while he tugged, because Zephel was so goddamn fat.
SeiIan: "Why do you carry bleach?" Sei Lan reached down and yanked Zephel up by the waist, hoisting him towards the washer.
ZepheI: >:O Or maybe your sissy girly arms are just to WEAK.
ZepheI: Sissy!
CIaviss: Clavis wouldnt answer that.
CIaviss: Clavis would let Sei Lan do the shoving into the washer while he took a scoop of detergent from the little box-- and dump it in. Just one cup!
CIaviss: "Just in case." Was all he said.
ZepheI: >:O WTF
CIaviss: "Hurry before someone else comes in."
SeiIan: "It's a good idea." The instructer dumped Zephel into the washer head first, and then stuffed the legs in too.
ZepheI: I don't want red hair.
SeiIan: After that, he took off the red cape HE was wearing and crammed it in the washer next to Zephel.
SeiIan: "Ok."
CIaviss: Clavis slammed down the top of the lid, reached out- turning some knobs and then shoving it in to start the washer filling and hummmmmming. Well thats what you get when you design something like this for us, Zephel.
CIaviss: "Heavy cycle." Biipu. u_u
SeiIan: That'll teach you to do community service.
SeiIan: Sei Lan hopped up on the top of the washer and sat, folding his arms.
SeiIan: 9_9
ZepheI: My next man eating machine is going o be dedicated to chewing up Clavis' gothcards.
SeiIan: "Ssssoooo....."
SeiIan: "....come here often?"
CIaviss: Clavis just...stood.
CIaviss: "Only when Im doing laundry."
SeiIan: "Me too."
SeiIan: ........
ZepheI: :{ Only when I'm getting washed.
SeiIan: The washing machine went 'washuwashuwashu.'
ZepheI: Thankfully, Zephel wasn't awake. Clavis hits hard with his gothball.
ZepheI: Wasn't there the suffocation thing to worry about, though?
CIaviss: He's gotten good at it.
CIaviss: Nah.
SeiIan: No.
CIaviss: You have gills or something.
SeiIan: This is a doujinshi.
ZepheI: Oh.
ZepheI: Oh good.
ZepheI: It defies logic, I see.
SeiIan: Everyone takes them more seriously than the real series, and yet physical laws don't apply.
ZepheI: :{ Yeah.
SeiIan: ".... ....Let's just leave."
CIaviss: "Alright. I have futures to tell anyway."
CIaviss: Without another word, Clavis turned-- and stepped away.
SeiIan: Sei Lan hopped down and left.
SeiIan: Bye.
ZepheI: Washuwashuwashu.
SeiIan: Machine> Washu washu washu.