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Blogger ;D
Shit. Date:
April;4;2oo3` Posted by
Tash Blog:
I made the layout =D. I used psp7. I cut out the girl, colored her, and used the tile effect. Than i coded it. Okay, people I KNOW ITS NOT CREATIVE ! That shit is my first ever layout and I dont even know HTML and I managed to code it. So don`t be harash on Tata -puppy eyes-. Let me know if you like it. After I finish blogging I`m gonna work on the navigation. I'll put a little bit about me today. Tomorow I'll add the visitor section and the clique ! woop -tash slapped yo ass @1;32-
Layout ? Date:
April; 3 Posted by
Tash Blog:
I just made this site. rofl. no layout, no content. rofl. I'll make it tomorow I`m too tired. All I know is that the layout will be black. ;D Ugh okay so in blogs people usualy just moan, roan, rant about their shitty life, eh ? well same here. If you don`t like that click the `x` at the top, dumbass. So, we have no school, because of the storm, eich is awsum. So, yeah. That's it. rofl. latter days. -Tash slaped yo ass @ 1:00pm-
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