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The Cast

Ever wonder who played your favorite Spongebob character? Or did you ever wonder what they looked like? Well here is a little information about them, who they play on the show, and their past work as well!

Tom Kenny

Who He Plays: Spongebob, Patchy the Pirate, Narorato, Mr. Squarepants, and Gary.
Who He Played: Dog from Catdog, Heffer Wolf from Rocko's Modern Life.

Bill Fagerbakke

Who He Plays: Patrick Star.
Who He Played: Kurt from Loyd in Space and Dauber Dybinski from Coach.

Carolyn Lawrence

Who She Plays: Sandy Cheeks.
Who She Played: Cindy Vortex form The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron.

Rodger Bumpass

Who He Plays: Squidward Tentacles.
Who He Played: Jorgan Von Strangle from The Fairly Odd Parents and Proffesor Membrane from Invader Zim.

Mr. (Doug) Lawrence

Who He Plays: Plankton and Larry the Lobster.
Who He Played: Filbert and Heffer's Mom from Rocko's Modern Life.

Clancy Brown

Who He Plays: Mr. Krabs
Who He Played: Lex Luther from Superman (1996) and Frank Horton from Loyd in Space.

Guest Stars

Brian Doyle-Murray
Carlos Alazraqui
Ernest Borgnine
Jill Talley
Paul Tibbit
Sara Paxton
Tim Conway
Tom Wilson
Andre Soglivzzo
Austin Stout
Bill Faggerbakke
Brad Abrell
Camryn Walling
Candi Milo
Charles Nelson Reilly
Christian Trimble
Clea Lewis
Corky Carroll
Dale Horowitz
Dana Carvey
David Glen Eisley
Devin Johnson
Frank Welker
Frankie Muniz
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Jim Jarmusch
Joe Whyte
John Lurie
John O'Hurley
John Rhys-Davies
June Tedeco
Junior Brown
Kent Osborne
Kevin Michael Richardson
Marion Ross
Martin Olson
Mr. Lawrance
Patrick Pinney
Ralph Giordano
Randy Jackson (of the >Jackson 5)
Rodney Bingenheimer
Roxanne Sarlak
Scott Heatheote
Sergio Ristie
Stephen Hillenburg
Steven Jay Blum
The Capsules
Tiny Tim
Whoopi Goldberg